Iran: 3500 Workers of National Steel Industrial Group Stage Strike

NCRI Staff

NCRI - A number of the 3500 striking workers of Iran’s National Steel Industrial Group in Ahvaz were threatened by the private employer of this unit to "be recorded as absent from work, deprivation from the personnel benefits on the days of inactivity, expulsion, and introduction to competent authorities (arrest).”

Iran Regime’s Senior Mullah: Cyberspace Is a Blow to Our Lives

Ahmad Janati

NCRI Staff

NCRI - The speaker of Iran regime’s Assembly of Experts, Ahmad Janati, announced Khamenei’s “a few hours” meeting with a number of cyberspace “experts”, adding that “a move is to be made” after the meeting.

Janati also added that “Cyberspace is a blow to our lives. If they took away (blocked) the cyberspace, we wouldn’t have so many problems. I have said that we cannot totally block the cyberspace but we can slow it down.”

Iran Regime’s Mp Reveals Judicial Case-Fabrication for the Attorney of a Protester Who Died in Custody

The 23-years-old youth, Vahid Heidari

NCRI Staff

NCRI - A member of the Iranian regime’s parliament revealed that the security officials have fabricated a judicial case against a lawyer who proved that his client was neither a drug addict nor a drug dealer contrary to what the judicial authorities are claiming.

There Is No Way That Iran Regime Can Expand Its Control in the Middle East

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NCRI - For years, many leaders in the Middle East have warned of the dangers of an Iranian-led Shia empire that stretches from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean and now the Iranian Regime has a land corridor that stretches through Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. The leaders fear that this will lead to all-out war, as Iran attempts to take control of the entire area.

Iran Regime’s Aggression, Key Issue in Paul Ryan’s Gulf Regional Tour


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NCRI - The Iranian Regime and its regional expansionism and aggression was a key talking point during a meeting between US House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan and Saudi King Salman in Riyadh, on Wednesday.

The two high-ranking politicians met at Al-Yamamah Palace to discuss bilateral issues and regional stability, which included the issue of keeping Iranian interference in check to ensure regional peace and security.

Regime Is Scared of the MEK’s Popularity in Iran

Maryam Rajavi's poster hanged in Tehran

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NCRI - Make no mistake, the Iranian Regime is absolutely terrified of not just the Iranian people, but also the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (MEK). This fear can be seen in the pro-regime protests that the mullahs organized, where paid protesters held signs like “Green Movement is supporter of Rajavi”, and in the many comments from Regime leaders themselves. It seems like even the Iranian Regime is being forced to admit that the Iranian Resistance is incredibly popular amongst the Iranian people. 

Allocation of $2.5 Billion From the Ndf to Military Objectives Authorized by Khamenei

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NCRI - The spokesman for the 2018 budget consolidation commission in the Iranian regime’s parliament announced the agreement of Ali Khamenei, supreme leader of the regime, with a $4 billion withdrawal from the National Development Fund (NDF) in the next year's budget.

Iran: Several Earthquake Victims in Kermanshah Died Due to Frostbite

Sarina lost her life because of cold and lack of housing for earthquake victims in Kermanshah region

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NCRI - The freezing cold in Kermanshah took the life of several residents of this earthquake-stricken province in Iran. The reason for the loss of these people is the ignoring and inattention of the Iranian regime officials to the catastrophic situation of the earthquake victims. The lives of a number other people in this area are also at risk.

Analyzing the Position of Iran Resistance Movement, Is the Recent Uprising Down and Out?

Karaj Azad University

Statement of the Pro-NCRI University students in support of recent uprising

Started in Mashhad and some other cities on December 28, 2017, the brave Iranian people’s uprising soon turned nationwide, spreading across the country at an amazing speed, with the protesters’ initial merely-economic chants turning as quickly to radical political ones.

South Korean- Iran Trade Deal Is Stopped

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NCRI - South Korea recently stopped a proposed investment $1.6 billion deal with the Iranian Regime, thanks to Saudi Arabia's influence.

Actual Number of Unemployed in Iran Twice as the Official Statistics

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NCRI - The government of Hassan Rouhani has announced that the unemployment rate in Iran was 11 percent, which is not accepted by public opinion, and other government agencies insist that the real unemployment rate in Iran is twice that figure.

According to the state-run Mashreq news agency on 20 January 2018, the statistics announced by the government in recent years on job creation and unemployment rates have always been mistrusted by the people.

Iran Regime’s Political Expert: Let’s Not Allow the Threats Become a Tsunami

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NCRI - An Iranian regime’s political expert on the recent anti-government protests in Iran wrote: “If instead of managing crisis solutions we manage the crisis evading, today's threats will turn into a tomorrow’s tsunami and all of us will be uprooted.”

According to the expert, “the two mainstream so called reformists and hardliners in the country, whether in their full authority or in an alliance called the moderation, not only did not have a desirable record, but are going to be totally failed.”

Anglo-Iranian Communities Call on the Uk Government to Support the Democratic Aspirations of Protesters in Iran

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NCRI - Members of the Anglo-Iranian communities and supporters of Iran’s democratic opposition coalition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), took part in a major rally opposite Number 10 Downing Street to call on the Prime Minister to break her silence over the popular uprising in Iran and the regime’s brutal crackdown.


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