Iran: The Truth About the IRGC’s Business Empire

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NCRI - Iran’s Defence Minister Amir Hatami recently proclaimed that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei ordered the Regime’s Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) to curtail its business empire, which made some people hope that there was an end in sight to the IRGC’s stranglehold on the Iranian economy.

An End to the Iranian Regime Is Coming

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NCRI - Iran’s so-called Assembly of Experts recently expressed concerns about the consequences of the widespread Iranian uprising in a meeting of its senior board.

In this meeting assembly chief Ahmad Jannati and spokesman Ahmad Khatami highlighted three crises facing the Regime in response to the protests; the legitimacy of the people's demands, the blowback that the Regime is facing internationally because of its crackdown against the protests, and the Regime’s failure to censor and control the internet.

How the International Community Should Deal With Iran Regime

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NCRI - The widespread protests across Iran this past month came as a shock to the Mullah’s Regime and the world at large, but this isn’t over yet. The first wave of protests may have been quelled but the people’s anger with the Regime hasn’t been extinguished.

We Import Sugar 10 Times More Than Annual Need, Iran Regime's Mp Stated

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NCRI - A board member of the Agriculture Committee of the Iran regime’s parliament said sugar is imported “10 times the required amount” annually into the country and this issue has led to “billions of dollars profits for a few specific persons”.

Jalal Mahmoudzadeh said on Sunday January 28, announcing this issue in an interview with the state-run Tasnim news agency affiliated to terrorist Quds force, saying that “irregular” and excessive import of sugar has caused “damage to sugar beet producers and manufacturing plants" and "billion-dollar profits for certain people”.

Iran Regime Tries to Exert Control Over People via Internet Restrictions

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NCRI - The Iranian regime tries to have as much hold as possible over the people. Many areas of their lives are repressed and controlled. One such area is that of the cyber world.

Iran has a largely young population and - like elsewhere in the world – young people equals tech interested and tech savvy people.

Is Iran Regime Controlling the Taliban?

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NCRI - More than 280 people have been killed and injured in a suicide bombing by the Taliban in Kabul on Saturday, one of several in recent weeks, but the question remains: who is ordering these attacks?

Some have speculated that Pakistan is responsible, but that theory doesn’t hold water. Why would Pakistan want to jeopardise its four-decade relationship with the US in order to work with the Taliban?

Iran: Prisoner Abandoned in Prison Despite Spinal Cord Injury

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NCRI - A Baloch prisoner in south-western part of Iran was paralyzed by the security forces gunfire while arresting him severing his spinal cord. However, he is kept in Saravan prison without any medical care and treatment.

Jassem Baluch Zehi was arrested in December 2017 while wounded by the security forces gunfire.

Iran: More Children Died Due to Frostbite in the Earthquake-Stricken Area

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NCRI - Despite the denial of the governor of quake riddled province of Kermanshah.Some MPs and Iranian regime's media outlets report an increase in the mortality rate of children due to cold weather in the earthquake-stricken areas.

The Iranian People Want Regime Change, and They Want It Now

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NCRI - While pundits were surprised by the recent protests that erupted in Iran at the end of 2017, and into early 2018, unrest has been simmering in Iran for quite a while.

Playing an important role in organizing the protests and breaking through government censorship to keep the world informed about them, was the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), who comprise the principal opposition movement against the regime.

Iran Regime Slashes Subsidies, Instead Increases Military Budget

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NCRI - In the wake of anti-regime protests, which started over the Iranian Regime’s decision to slash subsidies for the poor and increase spending on the military, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has taken $2.5 billion from its reserve fund to boost military spending again.

Iran Regime’s Increased Control Worries Many in Azerbaijan

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NCRI - The government and people of Azerbaijan are increasingly worried about the Iranian Regime’s manipulation of Shiite Muslims; with a report from the security forces stating that Iran has “increased its capabilities” across the country and that many people are under the Regime's influence.

Iran: IRGC Says, Khamenei Has Not Restricted Their Economic Activities

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NCRI - A senior member of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has claimed that he knows nothing about a decree from regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei that calls on the country’s so-called security forces to move their investment holdings and commercial assets to the private sector.

Iran Regime’s Mullahs: If Cyberspace Left Unrestrained, It Will Be Problematic Again

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NCRI - Three senior clerics affiliated with Ali Khamenei, Iran regime's Supreme Leader, Ahmad Jannati, Sadegh Larijani and Ahmad Khatami, emphasized that the recent unrest and uprising in Iran was directly related to cyberspace.

Jannati announced that recently Khamenei had a meeting with “cyberspace experts” and “they are supposed to make a move.” Ahmad Khatami said that “if this space is released, it will be problematic again.”


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