World's Mega Banks Terminated Negotiation With Iran Regime

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - An official of the Iranian regime’s Chamber of Commerce announced that the negotiation between Iran’s Central Bank with world’s mega banks has almost stopped.

Hossein Salimi, Board Member of the Iranian regime’s National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), said: “With the publication of some reports from Swift that some companies operating with Iran have been fined, these negotiations are slowing down and big European banks are worried about the resumption of bank sanctions against Iran and the imposition of US restrictions and fines.”

Iran: Traders Are in Tremendous Trouble Due to Sanctions

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - Among the exporters' problems are the impracticality of transferring money, for example, from Russia to Iran, and receiving visas for economic agents to enter Qatar, and Iran is still having difficulty with transferring foreign exchange earned from its exports, according to the state-run Mehr news agency.

The source added, “First, you have to send a draft to Dubai, then to Malaysia and from Malaysia to other target countries, and this will cause a lot of problems.”

International Federation of Workers Criticizes Iran Regime's Way of Dealing With Sugar Cane Company Workers

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - On Saturday, September 2, hundreds of Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane workers stopped working in protest of non-payment of their claims.

Workers were protesting the failure to pay several months' wages, the uncertain status of bonus benefits, continuing filing, expulsion, threats, summons and trial of workers at the Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Company.

Iran Roads in Critical Conditions

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - An intercity bus carrying schoolgirls was overturned in Iran’s southern province of Fars on Friday, September 1, following which the state media reported on dozens of schoolgirls being killed or wounded.

IRAN: Protest and Clashes Erupts in Western City Over killing of Porters by IRGC

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - Protests erupted in the city of Baneh (western Iran) over the killing or wounding of several porters by members of the Iranian regime’s State Security Forces (police) and Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) over the last several months.

A large group of residents of the city gathered outside the governor’s office on Tuesday (September 5) and demanded an end to the attacks against these poor workers that try to make living by carrying heavy loads on their shoulders cross the border with Iraq and Turkey. A number of shops and markets were closed in support of the protest.

Amnesty International: Stop Iran From Destruction of Mass Grave of 1988 Iran Massacre

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - Amnesty International launched a campaign on Monday calling on the authorities of the Iranian regime to “urgently stop the destruction of a mass grave in the southern city of Ahvaz”.

At least “a dozen political prisoners killed during a wave of mass extrajudicial executions in August and September 1988 are buried” in the mass grave.

EU Should Seek Justice for Victims of 1988 Massacre in Iran: Alejo Vidal Quadras

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - Speaking at a conference in Paris on the sideline of an exhibition revealing horrors of 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran, on Thursday, Dr. Alejo Vidal Quadras, President of Brussels based NGO, In Search of Justice (ISJ), and a former Vice-President of the European Parliament called on EU countries to prioritize human rights in their relationship with Iran.

We Must Confront Iran Regime on Foreign Missile Factories

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - The Iranian Regime must be confronted over its missile factories across the Middle East, according to an expert on Iran.

Dr. Majid Rafizadeh, a Harvard-educated Iranian-American political scientist, wrote an op-ed for Arab News in which he assessed that the Iranian regime must be confronted over its secret missile factories, in order to prevent them from creating nuclear-ready missiles and further destabilising the Middle East.

Yves Bonnet: 1988 Iran Massacre Was Methodically Planned

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - In a speech at a conference held in Paris, former head of France's domestic intelligence agency, Mr. Yves Bonnet described the “horrific magnitude” and “methodology” of 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran, as its two fundamental aspects of this crime against humanity that should not go unpunished.

IRAN: 19 Arrested in Raid at Private Party

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - Up to 19 men and women have been arrested in Iran after they attended a private party in the city of Sirjan in southern Iran.

The young Iranians were detained following a raid by repressive State Security Forces (police) on a house in a garden in the suburb of the city, state-run news outlets reported on Sunday, 4 September.

German Iran Committee Expresses Solidarity With Iranian Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - The German Committee in solidarity with Free Iran that consists of the representatives of federal and state parliaments, lawyers and human Rights activists, expresses its solidarity with the demands of Iranian political prisoners on hunger strike in Gohardasht Prison.

German Dignitaries Call on EU to Support of Iranian Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - A group of German MPs and former government officials called on EU to intervene to save the lives of Iranian political prisoners who are on a prolonged hunger strike in Gohardasht Prison.

EU Foreign Policy Chief Must Speak out on Iran Human Rights: Struan Stevenson

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - Speaking at a rally by Iranians in London calling for human rights in their country on Saturday, Mr Struan Stevenson, former chair of European Parliament’s official Delegation for Relations with Iraq urged the EU Foreign Policy chief to speak out against “despicable situation of human rights” in Iran.


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