Iran - Tehran: January 31, 2018. Protest Gathering of the Plasco Shopkeepers in Front of the Municipality Building

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NCRI - On Wednesday January 31, a big crowd of the Plasco building workers and shopkeepes staged a protest gathering against regime's authorities for not responding to their problems, in this gathering in front of the Tehran municipality building protesters chanted against regime.

France Asks Russia, Iran Urgently Stop Syrian Regime’s Bombings

PARIS (Reuters) - France’s foreign ministry on Thursday condemned a series of bombing raids in rebel-held areas of Syria and called on Russia and Iran, as allies of the government, to urgently end the attacks and ensure humanitarian aid entered the regions.

Proof of Iran Regime’s Ignoring Yemen Arms Embargo

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NCRI - On Monday January29th, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley welcomed a group of UN Security Council ambassadors to Washington DC. Part of their time there was spent viewing parts of weapons and debris that is said to be proof that Iran has been meddling in the war in Yemen.

Iran: Prison Officials Refuse Medical Treatment for Sick Prisoner

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NCRI - Ardebil central prison authorities have refused to send a sick prisoner to the infirmary or a health centre since the end of his hunger strike.

The political prisoner Mohammad Saber Malek-Reisi, incarcerated in central prison of Ardebil, is suffering from medical conditions, including gastrointestinal problems due to long-term hunger strikes.

Iran: Serious Physical and Mental Health Condition of a Prisoner

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NCRI - A prisoner who was charged with murder at the age of 15, after 15 years of imprisonment is in a very dire physical and mental health in a hospital.

Mohammad Reza Haddadi, 30, who was imprisoned at age 15 and is under death sentence, was admitted to Namazi Hospital in Shiraz due to bowel surgery.

Trump Reaffirms Support of Iranian People in State of the Union Address

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NCRI - US President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union Address last night. The annual message is a tradition which is presented by the president to a joint session of Congress and it includes an economic report of the nation and a budget message. The president also takes the opportunity to speak about their priorities and legislative agenda.

UN Must Investigate Iran’s Massacre of Political Prisoners Before It Happens Again

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NCRI - The United Nations often faces criticism for a failure to intervene quickly enough in situations involving the gross violations of human rights. This is something that Tahar Boumedra, a former chief of the Human Rights Office of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), is well aware of and why he is bringing another such case to a civil society hearing in Geneva.

Iran: Political Prisoners’ Health Conditions Deteriorating

(From left) Saeid Shirzad, Majid Assadi

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NCRI - Health conditions of political prisoners in Iran’s Rajaee-Shahr prison have deteriorated as prison officials and regime’s judiciary prevent the prisoners from being sent to health centers. According to reports, the political prisoner ‘Majid Assadi’, who is suffering from his liver tumor, is in critical condition due to being denied of necessary medical treatments.

Iran: Workers Stage Protest Gathering in Front of the Governorate of Malayer

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NCRI - According to the state-run ILNA news agency, in the ensuing of the past three week’s protest gatherings by a group of Kiancord Factory workers across the factory building, on Tuesday morning, January 30, the workers also held a similar gathering in front of the governorate building in Malayer.

Iran: Protest Gathering of the Railways Workers Enters 10th Day

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NCRI - The guild protest of the railroad workers in the Dorood region in the province of Lorestan (western Iran), which started 10 days ago, continued on Tuesday January 30.

According to the state-run ILNA news agency on January 30, one of the railroad workers announced the news on the gathering of the workers and said: “We are about 150 rail workers who have been working in Dorood region under the responsibility of Travers Company with high record of working years.”

Us Puts More Pressure on Iranian Regime

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NCRI - Earlier this week, the Trump administration progressed in its efforts to exert further pressure on Iran in the form of a field trip in which United Nations Security Council ambassadors were invited to inspect remnants of Iranian-made weaponry and missiles that Iran supplied to rebels in Yemen.

US Sanctions Will Support the Iranian Protesters

the Mostazafan Foundation Building
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NCRI - The US has already offered their vocal support to the anti-regime protesters in Iran through op-eds, tweets, and televised addresses, but the Trump administration can provide material help to the people of Iran by hitting the Iranian Regime where it hurts- their wallet.

Solving the Iran Problem Must Include Regime Change

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NCRI - As anti-regime protests spread quickly across Iran in late December, some in the West viewed it as an opportunity to use the 2015 nuclear deal as both carrot and stick to appease those fearful of Iranian expansionism in the Middle East and secure the future of the nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).


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