Iran: Political Prisoner’s Complaint Letter Against Five Prison Authorities to UN Human Rights Rapporteur

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NCRI - In a letter to the United Nations human rights rapporteur on January 31, the political prisoner Arash Sadeghi, who is on hunger strike, warned about the situation of Atena Daemi and Golkorki Iraee, while accusing five authorities of the Iranian regime's Prisons Organization.

How to Tackle Iran Regime

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NCRI - Donald Trump addressed two important issues regarding Iran in his State of the Union address; once about the widespread ongoing protests in the country and once about the nuclear deal, which is in desperate need of amendment.

On the nuclear deal, Trump said: “I am asking the Congress to address the fundamental flaws in the terrible Iran nuclear deal.”

Iran Regime Fracturing Over Protests

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NCRI - The warring factions in the Iranian Regime are now divided over how to handle the people’s uprising, which has been dominating the country for over a month.

Many in Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s faction believe that they can placate the protesters by sacking President Hassan Rouhani, but those in Rouhani’s faction warn that this will not stop the protests.

International Union Organises Protest Against Iran Regime

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NCRI - The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has asked its members around the world to protest the “harassment” of labour activists and “systematic violation” of workers’ rights in Iran.

The ITUC, which has 331 unions in 163 countries with approximately 202 million total members, asked its members to organise demonstrations outside or send protest letters to embassies of the of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Regime Change Is the Only Hope for the People of Iran (And the Region)

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NCRI - In a report to Congress regarding sanctions on Iran, it was mentioned that under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) Iran benefits from lots of sanctions relief in return for certain restrictions that are laid out under UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

Iran: Reaction of a Senior Official to Slogan “Neither Gaza nor Lebanon, My Life Is for Iran”

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NCRI - Regarding the slogan of Iranian protesters condemning the regime's interference in other countries, Ali Akbar Velayati, senior advisor to the regime's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, claimed, those who chant the slogan “neither Gaza nor Lebanon, my life is for Iran” are “ignorant and mercenaries”.

Iran Regime’s Supreme Leader Described as New Hitler

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NCRI - The Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei is the “new Hitler of the Middle East”. Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia said in an interview with the New York Times.

Speaking about the appeasement during the Hitler years, he said that Europe needs to be careful to ensure that a similar thing happens with Iran. He said that it is clear that appeasement did not work with Hitler and that there is a risk the appeasement of Iran could end up with a similar outcome.

Civil Society Urges UN to Launch Commission of Inquiry Into Iran’s 1988 Massacre in Order to End Impunity and Prevent the Same Fate for Detained Protesters


On 1 February 2018, a civil society hearing in Geneva heard witnesses and legal experts and offered an adjudication of the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran. The hearing was the first of its kind by NGOs in Geneva, and it urged immediate action by the UN to address the current wave of mass arrests and killings in Iranian jails following the recent anti-government protests.

International civil society and NGOs urged the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to establish a commission of inquiry to investigate the months-long massacre during which the Islamic Republic of Iran executed an estimated 30,000 political prisoners, mostly activists of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

Germany Condemns Execution of Iranian Juvenile Ali Kazemi

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NCRI - Chair of the German government's human rights office condemned the execution of Ali Kazemi on Wednesday, January 31, and called the execution “unacceptable” and “violation of international treaties.” Barbel Kofler also called for a moratorium on the execution of Hamid Ahmadi who was a juvenile at the time of the alleged crime in Iran. “The policy of execution should be stopped,” she said.Ali Kazemi, who was accused at the age of 15 of killing another person during a group dispute, served nearly 7 years in prison before the execution was implemented at the age of 22. According to Amnesty International, he was executed last Tuesday in Bushehr.

Iran Educators’ Guild, Protests to Regime for Suppression of Teachers

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NCRI - The coordinating council of Iranian educators’ guild organization protested the continued crackdown of teachers by the regime's security institutions in various cities across Iran.

In a statement released on Wednesday, January 31, the council cited the “security crackdown” on protesting teachers in the provinces of Lorestan, Isfahan and elsewhere in Iran as "suppressing teachers in various ways and methods.”

URGENT: Protests Erupt in Scores of Iran Cities and Towns Today


Reports by the network of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) inside Iran

February 1- 2018

Isfahan: The youth chanted “death to the dictator” and “death to Khamenei.”

Sanandaj (west): people gathered in Enghelab (revolution) Square, and Azadi (freedom) square and chanted “death to dictator.” They clashed with State Security Force (SSF) and set an SSF kiosk on fire. Authorities tried to disrupt the Internet connection in city. Clashes have continued, and the regime has brought in water cannons to disperse the crowd.

Struan Stevenson: I Do Not See Any Way in Which the Current Theocratic Regime in Iran Can Survive


NCRI - Struan Stevenson President of the European Iraqi Freedom Association, in the following article which was published by UPI on February 1, 2018 examines the recent Iran

protests and the its outlook. The following is the full text of the article:

Iranian gestapo could not stop the uprising

Iran: Protest Gathering of the Looted Victims of Regime's 'Caspian Credit Institute'


Tehran: today, February 1, 2018. The looted victims of the state affiliated Caspian credit institute staged a protest gathering in front of the Caspian institute office in Africa street, the victims chanted slogans against the regime's president Rouhani and Seif the general manager of the central bank. and said:


Iran news in brief

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