Iran's Oil Exports to Europe Down by Another 39%

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NCRI - The state-run Fars news agency affiliated to IRGC published the news on 39% reduction in Iranian regime’s oil export to Europe and blaming the United States for the fall in the regime’s oil export and wrote: “Iran's oil sales to Europe have fallen because of the U.S. threats, and Europeans are still planning to reduce their purchases of oil from Iran despite the JCPOA agreement.

Iran's total crude oil and condensate exports in October will drop by about a fifth to a month earlier this month, reaching the lowest figure in the past 19 months, according to international news agencies.

Iran: Inhumane Pressure on Political Prisoners and Labour Activists

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NCRI - According to reports, the Iranian regime's judiciary and security authorities have opposed and prevented the transfer of the imprisoned labour activist Mahmoud Salehi to a well-equipped hospital.

Doctors have insisted that this labour activist should be transferred to a more accessible hospital soon due to acute cardiac, kidney and diabetes problems.

According to state-run ILNA news agency, quoting Mr. Salehi's family, his doctor recommended that this labour activist should be transferred to a hospital in Tehran, Tabriz, or Orumiyeh for continued treatment of his heart.

Democratic Change in Iran Is Within Reach

Hostage crisis anniversary reminder of need for change in Iran

By Ali Safavi, ‘THE Hill. On Nov. 4, the Iranian regime commemorated the 38th anniversary of the U.S. Embassy takeover in 1979, when dozens of Americans were taken hostage for 444 days. This year, it paraded its ballistic missiles in front of the former U.S. Embassy in Tehran. With chants of "Death to America," the disdain for international norms and the nuclear deal came through loud and clear.

Bahrain Blames Iran Regime Over Oil Pipeline Blast

Bahrain said an explosion which caused a fire at its main oil pipeline on Friday was caused by "terrorist" sabotage, linking the unprecedented attack to its arch-foe Iran.

A key Western ally and host to the US Fifth Fleet, Sunni Muslim-ruled Bahrain has for years grappled with protests and sporadic violence coming from its Shia majority.

Iran Regime's Military Base Being Constructed in Syria

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NCRI - Intelligence sources from the West have shown that an Iranian military base that is being set up in Syria will be a permanent one. Yesterday, new satellite images were released as proof of Iran’s new venture in Syria.

The building work is continuing as seen in the satellite imagery. It is so far unconfirmed that the construction will lead to a military base, but evidence strongly points to this hypothesis.

Iran Regime's Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Must Be Totally Dismantled

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NCRI - In an interview, former CIA director James Woolsey stated, “The US should destroy virtually all of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps infrastructure as well as Iran’s nuclear facilities to reduce its terrorist and nuclear threats.”

Woolsey, who was CIA director from 1993 to 1995 during the Clinton administration added, “The next time the IRGC looks cross-eyed at us... we should turn loose six to 12 MOAB [GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast] bombs on their facilities.”

How Iran Regime's Destabilisation of the Region Is Executed

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NCRI - The Iranian regime, described by many as the number one state sponsor of terrorism, has profited greatly from the Iran nuclear deal. The deal was put in place to curb the nuclear threat emanating from Iran, but many believe this is not the case. In fact, even President Donald Trump has said that it has the opposite effect – it gives Iran the tools to move towards a nuclear weapon.

As a result of the nuclear agreement, crippling economic sanctions were lifted and Iran has a lot more financial freedom. It got billions of dollars and proceeded to spend it on the destabilisation of its neighbours. It has had been able to enjoy increasing influence across the Middle East.

A Deep Strategic Reorientation of the EU Policy Towards Iran Regime Is Imperative

Need to Confront Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has been leading Iran’s hidden invasion of several Middle-Eastern countries for years. The US administration’s recent decision to put the IRGC on the terrorist list makes it vital to confront the regime and its proxies all over the region, writes Alejo Vidal-Quadras in ‘Euro Active’ on November 8, 2017 and the article continues as follows:

The Islamic Republic of Iran – the world’s number one state sponsor of terror – came into existence since the rise to power of Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979. Terrorism under the banner of Islam had existed long before but through scattered and isolated groups.

Iran, Political Prisoner: No Award Can Make Me Happy Unless We Overthrow the Oppressors

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NCRI - In response to the annual Reporters Without Borders Prize awarded to him, the Iranian political prisoner, Soheil Arabi, , said in a letter: “No reward can make me happy unless together hand in hand we uproot the oppression and overthrow the oppressors.”

In part of the letter, this political prisoner currently detained in Ward 8 of Evin prison said: “When most media were in the hands of two factions that compete in censorship and conservatism, when some people were paid to promote illiteracy and superstition to deceive us, I decided to be an independent journalist, so that I could reflect all the truth without retouching and censorship.”

Iran Regime Is Losing Europe

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NCRI - With a new US policy on Iranian regime emerging and a string of attacks by Iran on its allies, Europe is distancing itself from the mullahs’ Regime.

Following the ballistic missile attack against Riyadh International Airport by the Iran-backed Houthis last weekend, British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson condemned the Houthis in a call to Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman.

White House: Iran Regime Prolonging Yemen War

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NCRI - The Iranian Regime is prolonging the war in Yemen and undermining UN efforts to end the conflict through diplomacy, in order to pursue their objective of regional domination, according to comments from the White House on Wednesday.

The US has also accused the Iranian Regime of supplying the Houthi rebels in Yemen with advanced weaponry, including ballistic missiles that were used to attack Makkah and Riyadh this year.

Iran Regime Threatens to Clear Coalition Forces out of Syria

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NCRI - The chief advisor to Iran regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, threatened to “clear” areas in Syria, during a visit to Aleppo, on Wednesday November 8.

According to Iranian state-run Mehr news agency, Ali Akbar Velayati told Iranian-backed militias: “Soon we will see eastern Syria cleared, and then the Idlib area in the west.”

Iran Regime's Influence in Lebanon Sparking New Crisis

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NCRI - Nabil de Freij, a Lebanese politician and future parliamentary bloc MP, said earlier this week that the sovereignty of Lebanon is being violated with the interference of Iran in Lebanese political matters. He also said that Iranian regime has contributed to the decision by Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to resign.

The Prime Minister had a number of reasons that led him to withdraw from the political settlements that had been reached previously between several different political parties in the country. De Freij said that another contributing factor was Iranian regime’s attempts to normalise Lebanon’s relations with Syria during a visit to the Syrian capital made by its allies recently.

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