Iranian Regime Abandons People After Devastating Earthquake

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NCRI - Hundreds of people were killed by the earthquake that struck Iran and Iraq earlier this week. It was felt as far away as Turkey and Pakistan and eclipsed the deadly earthquake that hit Mexico in September.

One small village called Quik Hasan was particularly affected by the earthquake with over 50 deaths alone. The small farming village is home to just 170 households and the surviving inhabitants have had to survive outside in the cold since the earthquake struck.

Iran Regime Waiting for ISIS to Be Defeated Before It Fills Void

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NCRI - Last week, it was reported that the ISIS lost the city of Deir al-Zor in Eastern Syria, a particularly oil-rich area, with the help of armed forces and allied forces. The ISIS is therefore about to face a huge defeat after losing control of Raqqa in central Syria – its capital.

The pro-Assad coalition of Iran and Russia backed forces announced the fall of Deir az-Zur, indicating that Albu Kamal on the Iraqi border is the last remaining town the ISIS has control of.

A Letter Regarding the Status of Hunger Striking Political Prisoner in Iran

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NCRI - Atena Daemi, a female political and civil rights activist incarcerated in Evin prison, wrote an open letter reacting to the situation of Mohammad Nazari, a political prisoner detained in Rajai Shahr (Gohardasht) prison in Karaj who experienced a prolonged hunger strike in recent months.

Ms. Daemi considers freedom to be the right of this prisoner who has been deprived of his freedom for the past 24 years.

UNESCO's Attempts to Ensure Peace and Tolerance Must Be Applied to Iran

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NCRI - Just over two weeks ago, UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, began its 39th conference in France. UNESCO’s aim is to promote peace and tolerance in the world. The basis for this is cooperation and multilateralism, with all member nations cooperating.

Irina Bokova, the Director General of UNESCO, said that the organisation has solutions to offer faced with the rise of extremism that we see nowadays. She said that with this new trend of extremism, hatred is stirred up, but emphasised that UNESCO exists to fight back against the “new forms of racism and intolerance” that are emerging.

Banking Restrictions for Iranians in China and Malaysia

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NCRI - Reports indicate that bank restrictions for Iranians in China and Malaysia and the closure of a number of their bank accounts have started in these two countries.

"China has been restricting its banking ties with us for weeks," Ali Shariati, a member of Iran's Chamber of Commerce told state-run ILNA news agency on Tuesday, November 14. “Especially with Trump’s trip to the country, this trend has intensified, but in Malaysia, the banks have announced a few days ago to some Iranian businessmen and even Iranian students that they cannot provide them with banking services.”

France: Iran Regime Must Not Interfere in Lebanon

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NCRI - The French Foreign Ministry has stated that it is imperative to the stability of the Middle East that Iran stop interfering in the domestic affairs of Lebanon.

Agnes Romatet-Espagne, the foreign ministry spokesperson told reporters in a daily briefing on Monday: “We wish that all those who exert an influence in Lebanon allow all the political actors in this country to exercise fully their responsibilities.

Iran's Devastating Earthquake Sparks Criticism of Regime's Response

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NCRI - Recently, severe, random earthquakes have occurred across the globe. On Sunday evening a 7.3 Richter quake hit the Iran-Iraq border. Iran’s official IRNA news agency reports that at a minimum, 530 people were killed and more than 8,000 injured. Tens of thousands of homes and apartments were leveled.

However, casualty statistics may be well beyond those reported by the media, according to Farhad Tajari, a member of Iran’s parliament from Ghasr Shireen, a town in western Iran that suffered enormous damage.

“Lack of Transparency Is the Black Hole of Iran Regime's Budget”

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NCRI - Head of the Iranian regime’s Court of Audit says that unlike Iran, in no place in the world, the amount of government debt is “confidential”; the country's budget balance in 2016 has reached negative 61 thousand, and "disorderliness and lack of transparency" are the "black hole" of Iran's budget.

According to the state-run Tasnim news agency affiliated to terrorist Quds force on Monday, November 13, Adel Azar announced the issue at a public session of parliament, and said: “One of the key indicators of the budget is its operational level. In 2011, this level was 28 thousand negatives and in in 2016, it was 61 thousand negatives showing that we have to sell the assets and resources of the country, which are oil and companies, to provide the necessary money.”

UAE Will Not Tolerate Iran Regime's Destabilisation of the Middle East

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NCRI - The United Arab Emirates has vowed not to remain idle in the face of the Iranian Regime’s growing threat to the Middle East, according to Dr Anwar Mohammad Gargash, the UAE’s Minister for Foreign Affairs.

During his keynote speech at the 4th Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate organised by the Emirates Policy Centre on Sunday, Dr Gargash told the conference: "In recent days, we have seen Iranian-made ballistic missiles fired by Iran's proxy Houthi militia towards the Saudi capital, Riyadh. This is a serious escalation and one that undermines Iranian claims about the defensive nature of its missile programme. The UAE will not remain idle under the shadow of such threat."

World-Class Banks Refuse to Cooperate With Iran

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NCRI - A member of the Iranian regime’s Money and Credit Council has reported that major banks are refusing to cooperate with the regime, and due to lack of transparency, the conditions for the connection of Iranian banks with the world-class banks are not provided.

According to the state-run Tasnim news agency affiliated to terrorist Quds force, Bahman Abdollahi said on Saturday, November 11, 2017: “The predictions made to achieve Iran's economic and banking relations after the nuclear deal are not correct, and the first-class major banks in the world refuse to cooperate with Iran. One of the reasons for this lack of cooperation is the lack of transparency of financial accounts of Iranian banks.”

Is the Tide Turning on Iran Regime in the Middle East?

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NCRI - Recent developments in the Middle East show that the Iranian Regime is becoming increasingly isolated as countries like Lebanon and Yemen are turning away from them but could this be the beginning of the end for Iran’s interventionism?

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri unexpectedly resigned in a shock conference from Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the month, only one day after Hariri met with Ali Akbar Velayati, international affairs advisor of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, citing Iran’s malign influence over Hezbollah ( a terrorist group which has major sway in Lebanon) and a potential assassination plot.

Iran's Suicide Rate on the Rise

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NCRI - A brief look at suicide statistics reflected in Iranian regime’s media and the comments made by state officials on the causes of suicide in recent months, especially among women and youth, reveals that the scourge is turning into a national disaster and a real crisis.

Self-immolation and attempting suicide by women, men, and youth overwhelmed by poverty, oppression, discrimination, and inequality, and pushed to express their protest about the current conditions in the most tragic and painful way.

Iran: Price of a Drug Has Increased 900 %

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NCRI - The drug "Sinopar", which in 2016 was purchased by the patients with insurance coverage for 60 thousand Toman, has now risen to more than 600 thousand Toman.

The state-run Tasnim news agency affiliated to terrorist Quds force on Friday November 9, and in a factional feud against Hassan Rouhani's government, wrote: “For several weeks, the price of Sinopar (tripartite hormone - the generic name of the drug), which is involved in severe fractures and osteoporosis, and especially applied in the spine injury, has increased to more than 600 thousand Toman.

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