Iran: Maryam Rajavi is a lady of courage and commitement

Lord Russell-JohnstonLord Russell-Johnston
Liberal Democratic Party of Great Britain

NCRI, November 18 – The following is an excerpt of Lord Russell-Johnston’s speech to a rally of 35,000 Iranians in Brussels on November 7. The rally was organized to call on the EU foreign ministers to refer Iranian nuclear file to the UN Security Council:

Iran-Iraq: Torture site backs fears of pro-Iran infiltrators

Iraqi Interior MinisterBy Sharon Behn

Washington Times, November 18 - The discovery of a secret Iraqi Interior Ministry torture chamber confirms what has been an open secret in Baghdad for months: Pro-Iranian militia have deeply infiltrated the ministry and are acting as a law unto themselves.

Iran-Nuclear: Iran still blocking access to crucial military sites - IAEA

Mohamed Elbaradei, IAEA DirectorAgence France Press, VIENNA, November 18 - Iran is still blocking UN nuclear inspectors from crucial military sites, the UN atomic watchdog agency reported Friday, saying full Iranian cooperation was overdue.

"Iran's full transparency is indispensable and overdue," Mohamed Elbaradei, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said in a report released here.

Iran-Iraq: Iranian regime's meddling in Iraq condmned in London demonstration

Supporters of Iranian Resistance demonstrate in LondonAssociated Press, LONDON - An Iranian opposition group demonstrated outside the prime minister's office Friday for the release of two men it believes are being tortured in Iraq, and called on Iran to cease "meddling" in Iraq.

Laila Jazayeri, director of the Association of Anglo-Iranian Women in the UK, [said] the men, Hossein Pouyan and Mohammad Ali Zahedi, were abducted Aug. 4 by agents of the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

Iran told to stop terrorist activities in Iraq

ImageNCRI, November 18 – The following is a statement by the Friends of a Free Iran, a Euro parliamentary group, released today:

The unveiling of A secret torture and murder center in Baghdad, managed by the Badr militia within the Iraqi Interior Ministry, fully confirms repeated first hand complaints handed by several Iraqi civil society organizations and citizens to the Friends of a Free Iran mission to Iraq last July.

Iran-disinformation: Mullahs spending millions against People's Mojahedin

Dirk Claes, member of Belgian ParliamentNCRI, November 17 – Several parliamentarians from Belgium took part in a rally in Brussels to give their support to the Iranian Resistance and call for referral of the Iranian regime’s nuclear file to the UN Security Council. Mr. Dirk Claes, a long standing supporter of the People’s Mojhedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), the main opposition to the mullahs’ regime, was particularly concerned about the regime’s disinformation campaign against the PMOI when he addressed the 35,000 Iranians in the rally. The following is the full text of his speech:

Iranian Intelligence spending huge sums on disinformation campaign

Lars Rise, former member of the Norwegian Parliament from Christian Democratic PartyNCRI, November 16 - Lars Rise, former member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Norwegian Parliament from the Christian Democratic Party who visited the Camp Ashraf in Iraq while he was an MP last year, spoke of his experience with the People’s Mojahedin Organization (PMOI) in his address to the rally in Brussels on November 7 which was attended by 35,000 Iranians:

Today, together we have shown strength and a tremendous support for a democratic and free Iran.

I would like to use this opportunity to greet all my friends in Camp Ashraf, so if you can see me in Ashraf, “Salam ! Salam bar Dalirane Ashraf” (Hi, Hi to the brave people of Ashraf).

Iran-GB : Un groupe parlementaire déplore les manœuvres des services secrets des mollahs à Londre

Lord CorbettCNRI, 16 novembre  – Le Comité parlementaire pour la liberté en Iran s’est élevé contre les activités des services de renseignements iraniens en Grande-Bretagne et a publié le communiqué suivant le 9 novembre :

Le Comité du parlement britannique pour la liberté en Iran a été informé que des agents notoires du ministère des renseignements du régime iranien, agissant sous le nom de "Iran Interlink" – un groupe obscure lié au régime des mollahs – s'apprêtent à tenir demain, le 10 novembre à 10 heures du matin, une conférence de presse dans Fielden House à Westminster.

Iran poised for new round of uranium conversion: diplomats

IAEAAgence France Presse, VIENNA - Iran will start converting 50 tonnes of uranium ore from the end of next week into the feedstock gas for making enriched uranium, a key phase in the nuclear process, diplomats said Wednesday.

A diplomat said the Iranians have told the UN watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) here that "they intend to resume full conversion work on November 26."

Iran: Remove terror label against Iranian Resistance to pave the way for democratic change

Toronto press conferenceNCRI, Toronto - A representative of the Iranian-Canadian community called for referral of mullahs’ nuclear file to the UN Security Council for adoption of an oil embargo on the Iranian regime in a press conference here on November 3.

Iranians also demanded an end to the failed policy of appeasement toward Iran which has led to consolidation of power in the hands of the most hard-line faction within the regime with Ahmadinejad as its president.

Iran-Opposition: Tehran's sinister disinformation campaign

Mohammad MohaddessinNCRI, November 15 – Speaking to the rally of 35,000 Iranians in Brussels on November 7, Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the NCRI, addressed the foreign ministers of the European Union and said that the time has come to end all hesitation. The huge participation here today is an indication of the Iranian people’s determination to topple the anti-human regime of the mullahs and to establish democracy in Iran. The participants here today say that if Western policies towards the Iranian people and the mullahs’ regime are neutral, the people shall determine the regime’s fate on their own.

US says new evidence of Iran nuclear arms ambition

new evidence of Iran nuclear arms ambitionBy Alireza Ronaghi

TEHRAN (Reuters) -  Shahin Gobadi, a Paris-based spokesman for the Iranian opposition group which first disclosed Tehran's secret programme in 2002, said it was not the source of the stolen laptop.

But he said his group, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, also had evidence Iran is working on nuclear warheads at the Hemmat complex northeast of Tehran and at Parchin, a military site 30 km (20 miles) southeast of Tehran.

Relying on Computer, U.S. Seeks to Prove Iran's Nuclear Aims

Relying on Computer, U.S. Seeks to Prove Iran's Nuclear Aims  The Laptop

The New York Times, November 12 - Nuclear analysts at the international atomic agency studied the laptop documents and found them to be credible evidence of Iranian strides, European diplomats said. A dozen officials and nuclear weapons experts in Europe and the United States with detailed knowledge of the intelligence said in interviews that they believed it reflected a concerted effort to develop a warhead. "They've worked problems that you don't do unless you're very serious," said a European arms official. "This stuff is deadly serious."

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