The Accelerating Pace of Poverty in Iran

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NCRI - The accelerating pace of poverty extension in Iran is due to the innumerable corruption of government officials. The harmful effects of poverty among the people are so obvious that even the state-run media and regime officials are inevitably forced to admit this fact.

An Iranian Woman Asylum Seeker, Deported by Norwegian Government to Iran Was Flogged

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NCRI - The inhumane sentence of 80 lashes for an asylum seeker who was deported back to Iran by the government of Norway in March was implemented in Tehran.

According to reports, the afternoon of September 19, sentence of 80 lashes for Leila Bayat was carried out at Branch 3 of Guidance Prosecutor’s Office in Tehran. Earlier, she was sentenced along with three of her friends to 80 lashes on the charges of drinking alcoholic beverages.

The Nuclear Deal Lets the People of Iran Down

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NCRI - At a joint press conference, the British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and this American counterpart mentioned the situation of Iran. Johnson said: “We in the UK feel that Iran – a country of 80 million people, many of them young and potentially liberal – could be won over.”

They were discussing the 2015 Iran nuclear deal that is supposed to halt Iran’s nuclear arms race as well as its belligerence across the Middle East.

Iran Regime's Vice-President: Social Harm Has Reached a Dangerous Stage

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NCRI - Ishaq Jahangiri, first deputy of Iranian regime’s president Hassan Rouhani, on Tuesday, September 19, said that 11 million marginalized people who live in slum areas in the cities across the country have created serious risks.

Iran's Youth Shine at Protest Over Rouhani's UN Speech

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NCRI - Today, the plaza outside of the United Nations General Assembly was filled with members of the Iranian diaspora and their supporters, who were protesting the UN’s endorsement of a terrorist regime by allowing Hassan Rouhani, president of the Iranian Regime to address him.

The crowd, dressed in bright yellow, chanted their calls for democracy and freedom for the people of Iran, their support for the president-elect of the Iranian Resistance, Maryam Rajavi, and their horror that a terrorist and a criminal would be welcomed at the UN.

Powerful Protest by Iranian Activists Over Rouhani's Speech at UN

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NCRI - A huge crowd of human rights activists, politicians, and people from the Iranian diaspora gathered outside the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York on Wednesday September 20, to protest Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s speech.

Amir Emadi, the spokesman for the Organization of Iranian American Communities (OIAC) noted that Rouhani should not be accepted in New York, a city so dedicated to human rights, and certainly not at the UN.

Iran Regime's Security Agents Raid Workers Using Tear Gas in Central Province

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NCRI - The Iranian regime's security forces attacked the workers of two companies in central Iran with “batons and tear gas” followed by beating and mayhem of the workers.

On Tuesday September 19, a number of workers of two factories, Azarab and Hepco, staged protest gathering at two different locations in the city of Arak. Workers of Azarab Company closed the main Arak-Tehran road and demanded the authorities pay attention to their protest when the Special Forces attacked them. According to the report, workers of Hepco Company also blocked Arak’s railway line.

Iran: The Deliberate Ignoring of the Street and Working Children Issues

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NCRI - Confession of the Vice-Chair of the Association for the Protection of Children regarding the collection of child labours under the pretext of the so-called plan of “organization and recruitment of the street and working children”.

International Labor Organization (ILO): The Unemployment Situation in Iran Is at a Critical Juncture

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NCRI - The minister of labor, co-operation and social welfare of the Iranian regime, said that unemployment in Iran reached 3.4 million people and acknowledged that the Iranian economy does not have "the capacity" to solve this problem.

Iranian Child Laborers; Driven out for Not Having a Birth Certificate

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NCRI - One million and 500 thousand children live in Iran without identification, and these statistics are rising daily without a fundamental solution for it.

In the past days in Tehran province, the plan for collecting child laborers was carried out.

Iranian children have been delivered to the community emergency and immigrants have also been sent to camps to cross the border.

Iran: Arrests and Imprisonment of Rights Activists in Different Cities

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NCRI - The Iranian regime’s security forces arrested a Teacher's guild activist in Tehran and a Gonabadi dervish in Qom.

Amir Ali Mohammadi Labaf, a dervish of Gonabad, was arrested by the security agents on Monday, September 18, in front of Judiciary department in Qom. In 2006 he was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, 74 lashes and five years of exile on charges of disturbing the public’s minds and creating inquietude as well as insulting the sanctities due to performing prayers at the meeting of dervishes. The sentence was then enforced.

Iranian Regime Officials' Zigzag Stances on Nuclear Deal

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NCRI - With US Treasury sanctioning 11 more Iranian regime’s affiliated entities and figures at the same time when sanctions relief was extended by the US President, contradictory stances are taken by regime officials and media, suggesting how confused and pinned they are in the vortex of a nuclear deal.

Iran Regime's Downfall, Main Topic of Discussion at the Experts' Assembly Meeting

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NCRI - The representative of Iranian regime's Supreme Leader in the Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) said, “The United States is seeking to repeat the formula for the collapse of the Soviet Union system in Iran.”


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