The Importance of U.N. Report on Iran

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NCRI - The representatives of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), Ms. Dowlat Nowrouzi in an interview with ‘Simay Azadi’ the satellite television of the Iranian Resistance, talked about the recent UN report on Iran in the Third Committee of the General Assembly, stressing that this is one of the most significant achievements of Iran's Resistance in international affairs.

Reorientation of the Policy of European Union Towards the Iran Regime Is a Necessity

Speech by Alejo Vidal Quadras in Paris forum on combating Terrorism and Organized Crime

On Saturday October 28, 2017. The International Agency for Press for Strategic Studies (AIJES) held a conference in Paris, under the title of Paris Forum on Combating Terrorism and Organized Crime.

Iran Regime's Fear Over the Discontent of the Majority of People

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NCRI - A political expert of Iranian regime admitted the existence of deep divisions of the social classes in the Iranian society, and while expressing fear about the social protests said: “When the majority of the society sees itself a victim of the policies of a plunderer minority, nobody will ever be safe from the revenge of the victims. No one will be merciful neither to the hard liners, nor the ‘reformers’, nor the ‘moderates.’

Prison Sentence for Mother of a Martyr in 2009 Uprising in Iran

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NCRI - The mother of Mostafa Karim Beigi, a martyr of the 2009 uprising in Iran, was sentenced by Iranian regime’s judiciary to “one year in prison and ban on any membership in social media and political groups.”

According to reports, Shahnaz Akmali is also banned from leaving the country. She is charged with “propaganda against the system.” She was tried in court on October 15 and the verdict was issued by the so-called judge Ahmadzadeh, head of Branch 26 of the regime’s revolutionary court in Tehran.

Iran: The Impact of Economic Sanctions Against the IRGC

Living in genteel poverty! May be a nice equivalent for a Persian idiom, which points to those people who are really miserable but pretend otherwise. The following article by Heshmat Alavi which appeared in the Forbes on October 27, clarifies another example of the Iranian regime and its advocates’ ever hypocritical reasoning, this time over sanction issue.

New Iran Policy Is Not Opposed by US Allies in Europe and Asia

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NCRI - When Donald Trump first began talking about the dangers posed by the 2015 nuclear deal, some dismissed it as election rhetoric. This was especially true when he certified Iran’s compliance with the deal (despite clear evidence against) in both April and July.

However, this has all changed following the October decertification when Trump asked Congress to decide whether or not to reimpose sanctions on Iran. This is a major turning point in US policy on Iran and many are left wondering what will happen next.

General McMaster: Most Dangerous Course of Action Is to Ignore Iran Regime's Threat

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NCRI - National Security Advisor of the United States Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster was interviewed by Alhurra (a US-based satellite TV channel in Arabic language dealing with current affairs). He spoke extensively about the Iran, Iraq, Syria and the Kurdish issue.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson urged the Iraqis to get rid of Iran-backed militias in Iraq, but the Iraqi prime minister refused to do so. McMaster said that it is important for the Iraqi prime minister to be supported by the US, but emphasised that Iran has successfully subverted and infiltrated many Iraqi states institutions and has created militias that are not under government control.

Iran Regime Must Be Punished for Its Routine Use of Child Soldiers

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NCRI - The Iranian Regime is routinely recruiting children as young as 15 into armed conflicts, according to the UN Security Council, in violation of international law and the UN Charter on children’s rights which they are a party to.

The recruitment of anyone under the age of 18 into active, armed combat is considered a war crime by the International Criminal Court but it is prevalent under the Iranian Regime and no one appears to be stopping them.

U.N. Special Rapporteur Speaks on Dismal Human Rights Situation and 1988 Massacre in Iran

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NCRI - The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran addressed the Seventy-second session of the General Assembly in New York on October 25, to discuss the dismal situation of human rights in Iran that has been prevalent since the Regime took over in 1979.

Asma Jahangir, who was addressing the General Assembly for the first time since taking the role in November 2016, delivered a report on the first six months of 2017 which was based on sources both inside and outside of Iran.

Iran: Collective Execution of 7 Prisoners

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NCRI - According to news reports, on Wednesday morning October 25, 2017. Iranian regime hanged 7 prisoners in 'Gohardasht' prison in city of Karaj, west of Tehran, also at the same day another prisoner was publicly hanged in Southern province of Kerman.

It is noteworthy that, according to a statement which was released by the secretariat of the NCRI on September, in the period of September 12 to 20. 33 prisoners were executed and amputation of the hands of three prisoners on charges of robbery was carried on in Qom Prison.

Iran: Two Girls Arrested for Motorcycling

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NCRI - According to IRNA News, the commander of the law enforcement of Dezful (southwest of Iran) stated, "Two girls whose pictures were released in the social media while motorcycling have been identified and arrested." According to the regime's officials, motorcycling is forbidden for women.

Colonel Ali Elhami added, "These two girls are originally from Dezful and they have been summoned for guidance and admonition.

US Strategy on Iran Regime

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NCRI - United States President Donald Trump has made it very clear that he is not a fan of the Iran nuclear deal. He has been criticising it since before he even took office. At the recent United Nations General Assembly, he described it as an “embarrassment” to the United States and very one-sided.

His predecessor, President Barack Obama has been criticised for his leniency on Iran. He made numerous concessions to Iran during the nuclear agreement negotiations and he had a policy of appeasement that basically let Iran get away with murder. Literally.

Draft Legislation Regarding Iran Nuclear Deal

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NCRI - Republican Senators Bob Corker and Tom Cotton have drafted some legislation with regards to the Iran nuclear deal and Trump’s recent decertification of it. The legislation would impose tough terms on the nuclear deal and would ensure that sanctions are restored if Iran carries out any testing on a ballistic missile that has the capability of carrying a warhead. It would also ensure that sanctions are reimposed if the Islamic Republic refuses nuclear inspectors access to any sites in the country.

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