Iran Regime's Violence Against Women

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NCRI - The Secretary-General of the United Nations urged for global action to combat violence against women and girls in advance of the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women.

António Guterres said: “Violence against women is fundamentally about power. It will only end when gender equality and the full empowerment of women will be a reality.”

He continued: “There is an increasing recognition that violence against women is a major barrier to the fulfilment of human rights, and a direct challenge to women’s inclusion and participation in sustainable development and sustaining peace.”

Regime Change in Iran Will Bring Gender Equality

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NCRI - On November 25, it is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, but violence against women and other forms of misogyny is still systemic in many places.

There is no country in the world where we have achieved total gender equality. In many countries, women are treated as second-class citizens, unable to work, vote, marry, dress, or live freely.

Female Political Prisoner Appealing Justice for the Victims of 1988 Massacre

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NCRI - The Appeal by political prisoner Maryam Akbari Monfared for justice for her family massacred in the 1980s by Iranian regime finally succeeded as the United Nations’ Working Group on Forced Disappearances accepted (to address) her complaint. This is a major development in the pursuit of the perpetrators of the massacre of political prisoners in the 1980s in Iran in order to bring them to justice.

Atena Daemi, a civil and women’s rights activist incarcerated in Evin prison, in response to the success of Maryam Akbari Monfared has written a letter of congratulations and described it as a worthwhile success and has expressed hope that her steps would be followed by other victims of human rights abuses in Iran.

Boris Johnson to Visit UK Aid Worker Unjustly Imprisoned in Iran

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NCRI - Boris Johnson, the UK’s Foreign Secretary, has finally condemned the false imprisonment of British aid worker Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe by the Iranian Regime and has offered to visit her in the notorious Evin Prison where she is being held.

Johnson has been widely criticised for his failure to speak out against her imprisonment since her initial arrest by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard in 2016, whilst taking her baby daughter, Gabriella, to visit relatives for Iranian New Year.

Prison Sentence for Mother of a Martyr in 2009 Uprising in Iran

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NCRI - The mother of Mostafa Karim Beigi, a martyr of the 2009 uprising in Iran, was sentenced by Iranian regime’s judiciary to “one year in prison and ban on any membership in social media and political groups.”

According to reports, Shahnaz Akmali is also banned from leaving the country. She is charged with “propaganda against the system.” She was tried in court on October 15 and the verdict was issued by the so-called judge Ahmadzadeh, head of Branch 26 of the regime’s revolutionary court in Tehran.

Iran: Two Girls Arrested for Motorcycling

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NCRI - According to IRNA News, the commander of the law enforcement of Dezful (southwest of Iran) stated, "Two girls whose pictures were released in the social media while motorcycling have been identified and arrested." According to the regime's officials, motorcycling is forbidden for women.

Colonel Ali Elhami added, "These two girls are originally from Dezful and they have been summoned for guidance and admonition.

Iran: A Letter by Female Political Prisoner: Protesting IRGC, Is Why I Am Imprisoned

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NCRI - Golrokh Iraei, a female political prisoner in a women's ward of Evin Prison, wrote a letter last week in response to the exile of her husband, Arash Sadeqi, from Evin to Rajaei Shahr prison in Karaj.

In this letter, while noting the Iranian regime’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, who said that all Iranians are members of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), Golrokh Iraei wrote: “Contrary to his view, as an Iranian who devoted my peace and security and safety to the improvement of my country's condition, not only I am not a member of IRGC, but also I am imprisoned because of the protest against the atmosphere of oppression created by the Revolutionary Guards in the society.

Detention of a 15-Year-Old Girl Student in South-Western Iran

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NCRI - On Wednesday, October 18, the Iranian regime's Intelligence Office in the city of Abadan arrested a 15-year-old student girl. According to reports, this student girl is named Maedeh Shabani Nezhad and is studying at the high school first grade.

Iran: The Bitter Story of Women Heads of Households' Pain and Suffering

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NCRI - Poverty among Iranian women has become so prevalent that state media and officials are referring to it as ‘feminine poverty’, a term which now has turned commonplace.

With nearly four decades past since the Iranian regime’s coming to power, poverty among people, including women, is still commonplace and even catastrophic among female-headed households.

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