Iran Regime Paying Billions of Dollars to Militias in Syria

NCRI - Documents show the Syrian defense ministry has approved a bill asking Iran to provide the salaries of all foreign fighters involved in the war against Syrian rebels, according to a Turkish state TV and radio aired on June 1st. This document reveals the number of these foreign fighters at 88,733.

“The number of Shiite militias have increased significantly in the past two months. While a large number of these militias have been recruited by Iran, a relatively large number are also directly recruited by the Syrian government. We are talking about more than 50,000 militia members with different nationalities,” an informed official said.

Trial Starts in U.S. Case Over Iran Regime Linked New York Office Tower

NCRI - Two federal courts at New York and Washington are investigating about complaints by victims of terrorism and US administration against the Iranian regime.

At New York City, the federal court of Manhattan has started to examine the U.S complaint. The assistant of the US attorney said: Alavi foundation which possess most of the stock of the 35 floor building in the 5th avenue, despite being aware that ASA company that belongs to this foundation worked with Iran Meli Bank, has ignored U.S. sanctions against this bank and this is why they request the confiscation of the building which its price is estimated about 800 million dollars.

Syria's Democratic Coalition: We Won't Allow Iranian-Backed Militias to Enter Syria

NCRI - We won’t allow Iraqi militants affiliated to Iranian regime to pass through areas under our control. The Kurdish commander of Syrian democratic coalition forces stated: in trans-regional newspaper "Asharq Al-Awsat."

He stressed that, The Iranian presence is not acceptable for these forces under any circumstances. They won’t allow a bridge between Iraqi militia affiliated with Iran and the Syrian regime.

Iran's Ambassadors Must Be Expelled From All States & Int'l Organizations

NCRI - Algerian writer and journalist Anwar Malek, a former member of the Arab Society in Syria, wrote an article recently saying, “Chapter 7 United Nations resolutions must be passed against Iran’s meddling in the region, and the ambassadors of this regime be expelled from all Arabic, Islamic and Western countries, and also international organizations.”

Iran-Made Weapons in the Hands of Afghan Taliban

NCRI - A large amount of Iran-made weapons have been obtained in recent fighting between Afghan security forces and the Taliban, according to the police chief of Afghanistan’s Pektika Province as he informed the media on Monday.

“Four Taliban members were killed in this fighting,” said Mohammad Ayub Tondar.

Warning to Iran and Syrian Regimes' Forces and Militias

NCRI - According to sources linked with Syrian activists: International coalition aircrafts in Syria distributed flyers warning Syrian regime’s forces and militias affiliated to the Iranian regime, which are moving toward Tanif passage at the Iraq-Jordan borders. Sky news reported on May 28th.

Assad regime’s forces and the militants are about 55 kilometers from the Tanif’s base in which The U.S. Special Forces are stationed and training the Free Syrian Army forces.

Bahraini Information Minister: We Should Confront Iran Regime's Ambitions

We must stand against the Iranian regime's meddling and its ambitions. These ambitions are being reflected by Iran’s regime support of the terrorist groups in the region. Bahraini Information Minister Ali al-Ramihi said.

Bahraini information minister called for international community's efforts to prevent the Iranian regime's terrorism and drying up the financial resources and intelligence of extremist groups.

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