The Syrian National Coalition Official on the Iran Regime's Meddling in That Country

NCRI - Salah al-Hamwi member of the political committee of the Syrian National Coalition, who had spent a quarter of a century in prison of Assad’s regime, in an interview with Freedom Broadcasting (IRANNTV), which was broadcasted on Thursday, June 15, 2017, called the Iranian regime an occupying force in Syria, and called for standing up assertively against the regime’s tugs in Syria.

Iran Regime's Parliament Speaker:Called Tehran's June 7th Incident As "Valuable Gem" 

NCRI - Continued exploitation of the Iranian regime in Tehran of June 7the incident, parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani called it as "a valuable jewel," for the regime. He is calling that incident of last Wednesday as a valuable gem, while the blood of innocent people were shed only few steps away from their session and, while they continue their session very cool.

Khebat Media: Iran Regime Is Trying Hard to Survive in the Region's Turmoil

NCRI - Khebat Media belonging to the Khebat Organization of Kurdistan Iran, in an article emphasizing Iranian regime’s leaders support and harboring of terrorist groups, about the incident of June 7th in Tehran wrote: Iranian regime for various reasons needed such a terrorist-security show in Tehran, in order to use it, in messages for its internal and external purposes.

ISIS Terrorists Rushed to Support Iran Regime's Leader 

NCRI - Mrs. Zinat Mir Hashemi, Editor in Chief of the “Nabard-e Khalq” outlet and a member of the Organization of Iranian People's Fedai Guerrillas Central Committee, wrote an article explaining how ISIS rushed to the support of Iranian regime's  Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Iran: Political Prisoners Warn of Mullahs' Exploitation of Tehran Terror Attacks

NCRI - Political prisoners in Evin, Gohardasht, Fashfaviye in Greater Tehran, Zahedan and Ahvaz issued a letter to Amnesty International, United Nations Human Rights Council and all human rights entities of the Iranian regime capitalizing on recent events in Tehran.

The letter text:

Iran Regime Seeking to Establish Militias in Syria

NCRI - Iran is attempting to change the structure of its sectarian militias in Syria and establish them as a legalized force, as Russia carried out such a scenario a year ago with its 5th Division, said Syrian National Coalition member Yasser Farhan.

“Iran is on the verge of continuing its influence in Syria, and to cloak the Revolutionary Guards and sectarian fighters it is seeking to establish the Syrian Hashid al-Shabi,” he said.

Hezbollah Is a Branch of the Iran Regime's Revolutionary Guards (IRGC)

NCRI - The House Foreign Affairs Committee held hearings on Thursday, June 8 to investigate Hezbollah as a proxy force for the Iran regime.

The Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Ed Royce in the hearings stressed, "Hezbollah is a proxy force to the Iran regime and in fact, the Iran deal has enabled this country to provide Hezbollah with more equipment and facilities. Hezbollah is still an extensive criminal network, which is also engaged in a range of illegal activities such as trafficking, smuggling cigarette, and money laundering."

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