FOI Requests Over Iran Deal and the Role of IRGC

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NCRI - A Conservative organisation in the US has sent out Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests to four key agencies to uncover the truth about the 2015 nuclear deal.

In this new request, the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ), is asking the State Department, the Department of the Treasury, the National Security Agency (NSA), and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) to provide all of the information surrounding Iran Air’s use of civilian aircraft for military and terrorist activities of Iran regime’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

Iran Regime's Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Must Be Totally Dismantled

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NCRI - The following by Frank Gaffney, Jr. the president of the Center for Security Policy (CSP), and a columnist for The Washington Times appeared on ‘News Max’ on October 17, 2017.

Designating the IRGC a Necessary, But Insufficient Step

The Iran Regime's Revolutionary Guards Commander Killed in Syria

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NCRI - The state-run News on Sunday, October 15 reported that the Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Crops (IRGC) for Fatehin Special Forces, Abdollah Khosravi was killed on Saturday, October 14.

Iran Regime Was Behind Cyber Attack on British Lawmakers

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NCRI - October 14, 2017: Britain's parliament was hit by a "sustained and determined" cyber-attack in June. Reuters reported.

Iran carried out a cyber-attack on British lawmakers earlier this year, The Times newspaper reported on Saturday, citing an intelligence assessment of the incident.

Central Command Chief Says Concerned About Iranian Regime's Long-Term Activities in Region

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NCRI - The head of U.S. Central Command said on Thursday he was concerned about the Iranian regime’s long-term activities in the region and he would continue to focus on protecting U.S. troops, even as the mullahs' regime claimed U.S. regional military bases would be at risk if further sanctions were passed.

The Iran Regime's Fears for the Designation of the IRGC as a Terrorist Organization

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NCRI - The state-run Asriran Website published a report on October 9, 2017, expressing fear over listing of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist group.

The news reads, "Economically, the sanctions put the Islamic Republic of Iran under intense pressures. Many foreign companies fear to invest as soon as they realize that the Iranian Organizations, especially the IRGC, are enlisted as terrorists. Thus, there will be obstacles to establish economic relations with other countries."

Iran: The IRGC Encourages the Inmates to Fight in the Syrian Civil War

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NCRI - The Iran regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) uses the prisoners with capital crimes and long-term imprisonments to fight in the Syrian Civil war and kill the people of the country. According to the reports, one of the prisoners of Sheyban Prison of Ahvaz, who has recently been released, stated that some IRGC forces have held 6 meetings with the prisoners that have capital crimes and long imprisonments. At the end of the meeting, the sentence will be suspended for those prisoners agreed to be to Syria.

Iran news in brief

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