Envoy accuses Iran of duplicity on Iraq

Envoy accuses Iran of duplicity on Iraq Fighters Receive Support, Khalilzad Says

By Jonathan Finer and Ellen Knickmeyer

The Washington Post - Iran is publicly professing its support for Iraq's stalemated political process while its military and intelligence services back outlawed militias and insurgent groups, U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad said Thursday.

Iraqi official unveils Iranian regime's meddling in Iraq

Iraqi official unveils Iranian regime's meddling in IraqNCRI - Iraqi intelligence director Mohammad Al-Shahwani unveiled new details on Iranian regime's meddling in Iraq.

In an interview yesterday with Iraq-Alghad, (Iraq tomarrow) he said: "Names and addresses belonging to Badr organization, closely affiliated to the Iranian regime, were discovered during a raid by the Iraqi intelligence agents against a center last month. Two Iranians were arrested during the raid, one was in charge of a television station with no authorization.

Sunni leaders say U.S.-Iran talks amount to meddling

Sunni leaders say U.S.-Iran talks amount to meddling By KIRK SEMPLE

The New York Times — Sunni Arab political leaders on Friday denounced an agreement between the United States and Iran to hold face-to-face talks about solutions to the unrest in Iraq, saying the conversations would amount to meddling by foreign nations in Iraq's domestic affairs.

U.S. accuses Iran of "unhelpful activities" in Iraq

U.S. accuses Iran ofReuters - U.S. officials in Iraq on Friday again accused Iran of meddling in its neighbour's internal affairs, saying the Islamic Republic was carrying out "unhelpful activities" there.

A U.S. embassy statement said Washington was "concerned about unhelpful Iranian activities in Iraq. These concerns are well known and we have talked about them."

Bush linked Iran regime to bombings in Iraq

Bush linked Iran regime to bombings in IraqNCRI - US President George Bush said on Monday that Iranian regime has been involved in roadside bombings against coalition forces and civilians in Iraq. He said: "Tehran has been responsible for at least some of the increasing lethality of anti-coalition attacks by providing Shia militia with the capability to build improvised explosive devices in Iraq."

Iraq Weapons -- Made in Iran?

Iraq Weapons -- Made in Iran?NCRI - In an exclusive report for the abc news on March 6, Brian Ross, Richard Esposito and Jill Rackmill unveiled Iranian regime's weapons supply to Iraqi groups:

U.S. military and intelligence officials tell ABC News that they have caught shipments of deadly new bombs at the Iran-Iraq border.

Iranian revolutionary guard infiltrating Iraq: Rumsfeld

Iranian revolutionary guard infiltrating Iraq: RumsfeldAgence France Presse - US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld accused Iran Tuesday of sending Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces into Iraq, and warned Tehran it was "an error in judgement."

"They are currently putting people into Iraq to do things that are harmful to the future of Iraq, and we know it, and it is something that they will look back on as having been an error in judgement," he told reporters here.


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