NCRI - The Jordanian daily Al-Raay has written: "Perhaps one of the rare incidents is that the interests of the vast majority of the Iranian people meet the interests of the Arabs, and that is the need to overthrow the clerical regime”. This newspaper has added: “The Iranian regime is in fact the other side of ISIS coin, which uses religion and Devine belief as a policy for a police state”.

Al-Raay, adds: More than 100,000 people participated in the annual Iranian Resistance gathering in Paris on July 1st. It was an unprecedented gathering with hundreds of political, cultural and press figures from around the world. Even the members of this organization were responsible for the security measures of this great gathering!

In continuation of this report, we read: The organization's expenditures without any support from any country or political party are supported by members of the organization. That is why, this organization is independent in making decisions and does not being dictated by any parties.

According to al-Raay, the scenes of the gathering shone like an artwork and attracted the eyes of the guests who expressed their surprise at what they were seeing. This organization has a resistance legacy. Its members, and in the forefront, the exiled elected resistance president Mrs. Maryam Rajavi are ready to sacrifice their lives for freedom of their country.

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