Iran Protests

NCRI - Sky News Arabia TV aired a report on May 8 about the Iranian regime’s regional meddling, saying Tehran is taking advantage of Shiite Arabs as fuel for its wars in order to advance its expansionist plots in the Middle East. The Lebanese Hezbollah is one of these tools in this war.

“Hezbollah is under the command of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and this group’s participation in the Syria war is based on requests from Iran. This is under the framework of Iran’s strategic plot to gain even more influence across the region,” said Asad Bashare, a writer and political analyst in Beirut.

“Iranian officials are going as far as to say they are administrating four Arab capitals, have reached the Mediterranean Sea and gaining control over a ground route linking Tehran to Baghdad to Damascus and Beirut. The Shiite Crescent term is not correct. We must say the Iran Crescent.

This has nothing to do with Shiites. Unfortunately this regime is using Arab Shiites as fuel for its wars. From Iraqi Shiites to the Syrian regime that is Alawite, let alone Lebanon. This war is not in the interest of Shiite Arabs nor Sunni Arabs,” he added.

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