NCRI - The world’s conscience is offended by the shocking news of the deadly explosions in the churches of two Egyptian cities of Tanta and Alexandria and killing of dozens of innocent people.

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, strongly condemns these anti-human killings. While expressing condolences to the people and government of Egypt, It wishes speedy recovery for the injured, the committee calls for that the perpetrators of this horrible crime against humanity to be brought to justice.

These crimes in addition to Europe, have expanded to vast areas of the world. They are the results of crimes that have been perpetrated by the criminal Velayat-e faqih rule (absolute rule of clergy) in various countries in the region from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and other countries, and particularly in Iran for years. It has victimized millions, most of whom have been Muslims.

The crimes committed by terrorist fundamentalists, either under the guise of Shiites or Sunnis, have nothing to do with Islam. Rather it is in obvious contradiction of teachings of this great religion. Yet, the way to get out of this cycle of crime and massacre could be achieved solely by focusing on its primary source, i.e. the anti-human regime ruling Iran.

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