NCRI - In an interview with Aljazeera TV, Iraqi lawyer and director of London based National Center for Justice ‘Dr. Sheikhly’ discusses an Amnesty International report on the Iranian regime’s militia group ‘Al-Hasad Al-Shaabi’ being equipped with Western weapons.

Aljazeera TV: what do you think about the ‘Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi’ militias being armed with Western weapons?

Dr. Sheikhly from London: first of all, the Amnesty International report is an undeniable document which shows the crimes and infringements committed by ‘Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi’ are state-sponsored. They possess government weapons. They have American and Russian weapons, or obtain their weapons from EU countries or the Iranian regime.

These militias are means of a sectarian war, the kind of war Iraq has sponsored since 2004, 2005. Everyone knows that these militias have a black record regarding the Iraqi innocent people.

The militias were made and prepared by the Iraqi government during Nouri Maleki’s first and second term in office. Garrisons were set up to train these militias while weapons belonging to the Iraqi army and held at their ammunition depots were delivered to the militia leaders. As a result, any crime committed by these militias is actually backed by American tax-payers and financially supported by EU countries.

I believe that the Amnesty International’s report is a stigma on forehead of the United States and EU countries who are chanting fight against terror meanwhile are aware of the fact that the weapons they deliver the Iraqi government end up in militias’ hands.

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