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NCRI - Iranian regime’s officials and state media acknowledged the massive damage caused by the earthquake in western Iran and destruction of seven cities and more than 77.5 percent of the villages in Kermanshah province.

In this regard, Kermanshah governorate announced that the damage caused by the earthquake equalled 11-year budget of this province.

The state-run Khabar-Online outlet reported that the earthquake has devoured more than a decade budget of Kermanshah province, quoting the Kermanshah governorate's report.

According to the statement by Kermanshah governorate, seven cities and 77.5% of the villages in Kermanshah, that is some 1,940 villages, were destroyed in the earthquake.

Kermanshah earthquake in the best scenario has caused about 5,632 billion Toman damages to Iran's economy. The annual budget of Kermanshah province is about 500 billion Toman, and thus, the earthquake has devoured almost 11 years of the province's budget at once.

The statistics indicate destruction of 31,000 houses by the earthquake in Kermanshah province and heavy losses to manufacturing sectors, including 7,000 trade and production units, while Kermanshah province is reported as the record holder of unemployment among the provinces in Iran, as well as heavy losses to agricultural facilities, hospitals and health centers, and the destruction of hundreds of schools and classrooms in the quake-stricken areas.

With some reflection on the extent of the damage done to the province of Kermanshah and its comparison with the billions of dollars that the Iranian regime spends to hold Bashar al-Assad in power, the nature of the regime's unpopular and anti-Iranian actions is revealed.

According to international news media, over the past six years of the Syrian revolution and the Iranian regime's involvement in that country, the regime has contributed 15 to 20 billion dollars annually to prop up the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Nazir Hakim of the Syrian opposition coalition said in a conference in French Senate in 2015 that until now, the regime in Iran has contributed $87 billion to Bashar Assad.

A report from the United Nations envoy in Syria, Staffan de Mistura, says that the Iranian regime has contributed $35 billion annually only on Bashar Assad, three times its official military budget.

The regime has also contributed $1 billion annually to Hezbollah militants during the past thirty years.

Thus, with a simple calculation, it can be seen that the regime, annually, spends the equivalent of 150 years of the budget of an Iranian province like Kermanshah on keeping Syrian dictator in power and killing people in the country.

In such a situation, people in the quake-stricken areas, after more than two weeks of the earthquake, do not have the smallest facilities to pass the cold nights of 10 to 15 degrees below zero, without anxiety or any concern about themselves and their loved ones freezing in the morning.

More than two weeks after the earthquake in Kermanshah province, while rain and burning cold have raised the problems of the quake-stricken people in the country, regime officials have said obscenely that their accommodation will not be realized in a short time and will last for more than a month.

While 31,000 residential units have been destroyed in Kermanshah province, according to regime officials, only 200 Conex have been provided for temporary accommodation of the quake-stricken people so far, although all of these have been provided with public donations.

Meanwhile, a member of the regime’s parliament from Sarpol Zahab said: “The cold air in the countryside is so much that it is difficult to commute outside the tents. The water is also muddy and not suitable for drinking.”

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