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NCRI - Sirkan is the easternmost city of Iran with 3 thousand residents. Since 2001, this city has faced the shortage of water, as the authorities are not competent enough to adopt measures. The people only demand the water supply through tankers for 2 hours so that they can stay alive.

On October 8, 2017, state run Mehr News reported that the people of Sirkan could use water tankers for 1 hour within 3 to 4 days. If they arrive late at the water tankers, there would be not much water left to use.

The authorities of Sistan and Baluchestan Province are ignorant about the crisis of water scarcity in Sirkan while this issue has turned into a regional crisis. Mehr News reports that the people living in Sirkan are looking for water in the insanitary puddles and wells. The people hope that it may rain so that they can save few water resources. Unfortunately, there is no aquifer and water supply available due to the dry climate of this region.

One of the residents of Sirkani, called Mohammad Derazehi, says, "We do not expect everything from the authorities. We only expect them to provide us with sufficient water tankers. Given the fact that this issue has become critical these days, no one has ever inquired about us or has held a meeting to solve the problem and relieve us. The authorities have forgotten us. They only need us during the election. No one remembers us."

Another person says, "We no longer have any hope for life because our gardens and farms have dried due to the lack of water. Our livestock have even died. There is no occupation available for the people of Sirkan."

Following the crisis, the Mayer of Sirkan in an interview with Mehr News stated, "There are only two 30000-liter tankers to supply water. The people of Sirkan are very convinced. They only want water for 2 hours so that they can survive. We do not even have water for fire engines and they cannot work to prevent the accidents. There are pipeline networks in the city but there is no water in them. We have addressed the issue many times but no authority has taken effective measures regarding this matter."

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