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NCRI - On Friday morning, October 6, funeral ceremony of the political prisoner and labor activist Mohammad Jarrahi was held in Tabriz with the presence of family members and a number of civil and labor activists.

Mohammad Jarrahi suffers from thyroid cancer after five years of torture and imprisonment in Tabriz prison and after the lack of medical treatment and the deprivation of treatment outside the prison, his disease progressed. He passed away on October 5 in a hospital outside the prison.

At the funeral ceremony of Mohammad Jarrahi, former political prisoner, Ja’far Azimzadeh, Secretary of the Board of the Iranian workers Free Trade Union, referring to his illness in prison and his deprivation of the right to treatment said: “The ones who do not recognize the workers' legal rights are responsible for the death of Mohammad Jarrahi and Shahrokh Zamani.

“After the death of Shahrokh Zamani and Mohammad Jarrahi, We the workers will seek our legal rights more determined than before, and we will not allow this situation to persist,” he said during the speech.

He then emphasized on the continuation of the path despite the pain of the death of Shahrokh Zamani and Mohammad Jarrahi, adding that “Death of Mohammad and Shahrokh (in prison) is contrary to the perception of those who think that the working class and labor activists are afraid of the prison; incidentally, quite the contrary, with the death of Mohammad and Shahrokh, they are much more determined. We will be seeking our legal rights far more determined than ever and will not allow the status quo to last.”

Another activist, Mahmoud Salehi, also spoke in the ceremony, saying “People like Mohammad Jarrahi and Shahrokh Zamani never die because they have served the humanity in their lives.”

He thanked those who came to the funeral ceremony and added: “We hope that we will turn this sadness against those who put us in this situation.”

Mohammad Jarrahi was born in Tabriz and was a member of the committee to pursue the establishment of labor organizations. He was arrested in 2011 and sentenced to prison on the charges of attempting to create “illegal organization” and “propaganda against the regime”.

Political prisoner Shahrokh Zamani, a construction painter and a member of the reopening committee of the workers' union passed away in prison on 13 September 2015 due to the lack of medical treatment after spending five years in prison.

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