NCRI - According to Quds terrorist group’s Tasnim news agency, former Member of Parliament’s board of directors Mehrdad Bazrpash said that “the Islamic Republic of Iran’s main problem is not the United States, being attacked by ISIS, or threatened by some western countries, but it lies elsewhere. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s main threat is that 38 years (after the revolution) people feel that the regime is not able to address their problems properly.”

“If we fail to respond to this problem quickly, people will no longer wait for our response”, he added.

Pointing to the 2017 presidential election, Bazrpash said that “the opposite side managed to push the idea that the country’s problems in 2013 were due to (the government’s) insistence on moving ahead with the nuclear program, saying that Iran’s nuclear program had led the country towards sanctions and economic problems, so it’s needed that people be elected that are good at negotiations.”

Bazrpash also referred to the situation in customs administrations across the country in recent years, saying “65 to 70 thousand billion tomans in contraband goods are imported through the country’s customs administrations (each year). How many governments and parliaments should be changed so that the issue of smuggling commodities is resolved? And the interesting point is that despite this huge volume of contraband goods, we’re still seeking to resolve youth unemployment.”

“The total amount of government spending is 300 thousand billion tomans, while the amount of bank loans has been 500 thousands, which is much bigger than the state budget”, said Bazrpash.

Pointing to the unprecedented recession, Bazrpash maintained that “the country’s current recession, which has been unprecedented in the past 50 years, has not come overnight. Some experts believe that 300 thousand billion tomans is needed to take the economy back to where it was two years ago.”

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