Iran: The Catastrophe of Water Scarcity in Golestan Palace

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NCRI - The head of Iran's Environmental Organization, acknowledged that, since three decades ago, many of the regime’s officials, realized that the water policy is not coherent and strict in Iran, however, they did not do anything at all.

Iran Regime Unveils New Comprehensive Legal System for Internet

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NCRI - The Iranian regime attempts to control the flow and consumption of information into the country. Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, believes the Internet is “used by the enemy to target Islamic thinking.” Control of the information and news available to the public is believed to facilitate the regime’s hold over Iranian society.

Under the Rule of Iran Regime, in an Oil Rich Country, Selling Body Organs to Pay off Debts

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NCRI - The bitter reality of an oil rich country, under the rule of Mullahs, who are spending billions of dollars, over exporting terrorism and extremism and warmongering, in the Middle East and around the world, is that majority of its people are living under the line of poverty and have to sell their body organs to pay off their debts, the following shocking story which was published in LA times on October 15, 2017 is just an example of the disastrous living condition of people under the rule of Iranian regime.

Iran: Preventing the Use of Health Care Facilities by Child Laborers

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NCRI - According to an official of the Iranian regime’s welfare orgainzation, while many children do not have “identity papers,” the Ministry of Health requires them to have identity document to use the medical facilities of the ministry.

Iran: Here, Schools Are Heated With Firewood

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NCRI - Poverty rages in the southwest of Iran. In some areas, students study in outdoor schools and extreme cold which is even painful to imagine.

Schools are heated by burning firewood, and teachers are burning the firewood in the classrooms to fight the cold, although they are aware of its dangers, but they have no other choice to escape the cold.

Iran: The Crisis of Water Scarcity

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NCRI - Sirkan is the easternmost city of Iran with 3 thousand residents. Since 2001, this city has faced the shortage of water, as the authorities are not competent enough to adopt measures. The people only demand the water supply through tankers for 2 hours so that they can stay alive.

On October 8, 2017, state run Mehr News reported that the people of Sirkan could use water tankers for 1 hour within 3 to 4 days. If they arrive late at the water tankers, there would be not much water left to use.

Iran Regime's Judiciary Threatens Workers to Prison If Guild Activities Continue

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NCRI - Reports from Khuzestan Province (southwestern Iran) indicate that seven workers of the ‘Haft Tapeh’ Sugar Cane Company have been threatened in court that they would be sentenced to prison if they continue their trade union and guild activities. In the past two weeks, the workers have been summoned to the police twice and introduced to the court.

Iran: A Report on the Burial Ceremony of an Imprisoned Labor Activist

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NCRI - On Friday morning, October 6, funeral ceremony of the political prisoner and labor activist Mohammad Jarrahi was held in Tabriz with the presence of family members and a number of civil and labor activists.

Extremely Poor Conditions for Porters Who Are Targeted by Iran Regime Agents

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NCRI - The porters in Iran face very high risks for a very low pay. Smuggling is a risky business as it is, but those smuggling trade in Iran are at particularly high risk and there have already been hundreds of deaths.

These “human mules” carry extraordinary loads of goods on their back across the border in the West of the country.

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