Maryam Rajavi’s Message of Condolence on the Loss of David Vaughan, Prominent UK Barrister

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NCRI - Brick Court QC and European law specialist David Vaughan CBE has died aged 79.

Brick Court confirmed that Vaughan passed away on the morning of the January15, 2018. Vaughan celebrated 50 years at the Bar in 2013, 35 of which were spent as a Queen’s Councel. He joined Brick Court in 1963.

Maryam Rajavi: Europe Must Stand by Iran Protesters, Speech at the Official European People’s Party Meeting

Maryam Rajavi participated in the meeting of the European People’s Party, the largest political group in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Upon the invitations of several political groups of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe,Your struggle is just and we are at your side for freedom, democracy and human rights. Stated Mr. Cezar Preda. In his introductory speech, who presided the meeting of the EPP at the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe on January 24.

Maryam Rajavi :Iran Uprising, Time to March On

At a conference entitled, “Regime Change in Iran; Onwards with 1000 Ashrafs” Mrs. Maryam Rajavi said on Friday: that “the uprising which erupted on December 28, in Iran, spread to 142 cities across the country with breakneck speed showed that the Iranian society is in an explosive state, simmering with discontent.”

“It showed that the regime is much weaker than perceived,... the billions of dollars of windfall from the nuclear deal did nothing to cure the regime’s instability. And finally, the uprising showed that the people of Iran detest both regime factions and want it overthrown in its entirety.”

To read the full text of speech by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi click here.

The Christmas and New Year 2018 Message of Maryam Rajavi

On the eve of birthday of the holly Jesus Christ, and on the occasion of the upcoming New Year 2018. Maryam Rajavi the president elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran sent a message to all the Christians in Iran and all over the world, the following is the full text of the message:

Maryam Rajavi: The Clerical Regime's Overthrow Is Certain and Within Reach

Maryam Rajavi's Speech in the Paris Conference.-December 16, 2017 “Explosive Conditions in Iran, Mullahs’ Regime in Crisis”

Distinguished guests, dear friends,

Greetings to you all. I am very grateful to friends who have come from France, the United States, Canada, across Europe, and Arab countries to attend this conference in solidarity with the Iranian Resistance for freedom and democracy.

Maryam Rajavi's Urgent Appeal to Save Victims of Earthquake in Iran

With deepest sympathies to my fellow compatriots stricken by earthquake in western Iran, particularly in Qasr-e Shirin and Sar-e Pol-e Zahab, I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families who have lost their loved ones.

In these difficult moments when all the people of Iran are anxious and concerned about the lives of those stuck under the rubbles, what adds to the public’s distress is the clerical regime’s criminal record in such natural disasters of dragging its feet and dodging its responsibility in saving the lives of people.

Maryam Rajavi Welcomes the US Policy Against the Clerical Regime and Its Crimes Against the Iranian People

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), welcomed the new US policy to "condemn the IRGC’s gross violations of human rights” in Iran and “to deny the Iranian regime and especially the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) funding for its malign activities, and oppose IRGC activities that extort the wealth of the Iranian people.”

Maryam Rajavi's Message: To the Demonstration of Iranians in Oslo - Norway

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NCRI - Maryam Rajavi: The demonstrations of Iranians abroad echo the voice of prisoners’ strikes and protests of workers, teachers and those plundered

October 7, 2017. On the eve of the ‘World Day Against the Death Penalty,’ and in support of the Call for Justice Campaign, Iranians in Norway staged a demonstration In Oslo, the capital of Norway, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi the president elect of the Iranian resistance sent a message to this demonstration as follows:

Maryam Rajavi's Message to the Demonstration of Iranians in Stockholm

European governments must condition their relations with Iranian regime to the halt of torture and executions

The president elect of the Iranian resistance, Maryam Rajavi sent a message to the demonstration of the Iranians and supporters of the Iranian Resistance in Stockholm, held in support of the justice - seeking movement for the political prisoners massacred in 1988.

Iran news in brief

“Iran Uprising - International Call for Release of Detainees” - Conference - February 9, 2018

Maryam Rajavi at the Council of Europe 24 January 2018 Call for the release of detained protesters

Iran Protests

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Lord Clarkes seeks global action to save the lives of Iran protesters

Maryam Rajavi: The clerical regime’s overthrow is certain and within reach

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