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NCRI - On July 28, 2017, political prisoner Ali Moezzi congratulated the new US Congress sanctions and the Revolutionary Guard Corps terrorist designation in a message from Evin prison.

The message reads:

The adoption of the sanctions bill is by the House of Representatives and the Senate in spite of the delay is welcome.

Because the more this repressive and looting rule is pressed, the more Iranian people will benefit, especially the Revolutionary Guards should have been sanctioned much sooner. The IRGC has grabbed daily lives of people inside the country and exports regional crises abroad.

In the hope of a serious and complete implementation of the sanctions, I would like to congratulate its adoption to my dear compatriots.

We do not forget that we owe this point to Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, a charismatic and capable figure of the Iranian resistance.

For several years of sustained international efforts, she convinced the major part of the international community to abandon the appeasement policy as well as abandoning a policy of pinning hope for changing the regime's behavior.

It was her who warned about the regime’s crisis-making meddling about ten years ago and declared it more dangerous than the regime's nuclear program.

It is now also in the interest of the countries of the region and the world to take Mrs. Rajavi's current proposals serious without delay.

Getting rid of the reactionary and religious tyranny of Iran is a prerequisite for world peace and tranquility.

Ali Moezzi - Great Tehran Prison
July 28, 2017

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