NCRI - Spokesman for Iran regime’s parliament security committee, Hossein Naghavi Hosseini, warned about expansion of U.S. sanctions against the regime and said: “If a person, group, or political stream in our country thinks that America's behaviour has been moderated after 38 years or is no longer hostile toward us, he is either neglecting or is really a traitor, because the Americans' hostility towards the regime, the revolution, and the Islamic Republic not only has not diminished but has increased 10 times, and all means are used to confront our nation.”

“Americans were emboldened after the JCPOA and their hostilities increased, such that 98 percent of Congressmen and Senators recently voted against Iran, and this was the motive for the (regime) parliament to cope with these ventures and hostilities. Therefore, a plan was prepared as a countermeasure appropriate with hostile and adventurous behaviour of Americans, he added.

“It's a conspiracy of Americans who want to pressure the people and the government to get out of JCPOA, and pay the cost of stopping it…,” said Naghavi, worried about the cancellation of the nuclear deal.

According to government media, members of Iran regime's Parliamentary Security Committee on Saturday, July 29, 2017, in an extraordinary meeting, examine the various dimensions of these sanctions and ways to respond to them.

“At the meeting, changes also will be made to the plan to counteract the hostile actions of the US government,” the state-run Mehr news agency reported. “An urgency of the plan was approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Parliament) two weeks ago, after approval of the U.S. Senate plan to deal with the destabilizing actions of Iran regime.”

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