NCRI - Following the adoption of new sanctions in the US Senate against Iran, a new round of disputes have begun amongst Iran’s factions.

“If we continue to smile in the face of the US and other countries that do not recognize our rights, the result will be these very sanctions,” said Iranian MP Nasrollah Pezhmanfar, loyal to the faction of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

“The new Senate sanctions are the next step of America’s chain measures to ground Iran,” said MP Ardeshir Nourian.

“What green light led to the focusing of sanctions on the IRGC exactly after the election? This is a question that we have to seek the answer to, in remarks and conduct seen in candidates during the election season, and now they are in administrative posts. What do we expect from American officials when we see our current president and yesterday’s candidate lash at the IRGC again and again to deliver serious blows to his rival…? He specifically described Khatam al-Anbia as a major hurdle preventing investment and the activities of non-government sectors in Iran’s economy,” an article in Javan daily read. This outlet is affiliated to the IRGC Basij.

“The Islamic Republic knows how to react to these measures. We must wait until the next council of the Iran nuclear deal, and during this period we must be patient and refrain from provocative measures,” said MP Heshmattollah Falahatpishe of Rouhani’s faction.

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