NCRI - “Iranian regime officials should learn how to control their tongues, shut their mouths, and respect”, said Muhammad Al-Momani, Minister of State for Media Affairs and Jordan Government Spokesman, Thursday April 13.

Al-Momani was responding to recent remarks made by Iranian regime’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman ‘Bahram Ghasemi’, in which he criticized Jordanian King Abdullah II’s interview with the Washington Post, saying “(King) Abdullah has made a strategic mistake in defining terrorism.”

In his interview, Abdullah II had said that “there’s a strategic problem in our region that is related to the Iranian regime. An effort is underway to geographically link Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Hezbollah in Lebanon.”

Interviewing with the country’s official TV, the Jordanian Minister of State for Media Affairs said that “we have positive interaction with different countries in the world. But if such an abusive language is used, we are not going to tolerate that and will respond accordingly.”

Jordanian Foreign Ministry summoned on Sunday April 9 the Iranian regime’s Ambassador to Amman, communicating to him the Ministry’s protest against the remarks made by the Iranian regime’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman about Jordanian King and his leadership.

“the remarks made by Iranian regime official is aimed at tarnishing the Jordanian King’s role in establishing regional security and stability, fighting against terror, dealing with seditions, and standing against those who want to trade on Arabic issues.”, says a Jordanian Foreign Ministry statement released in this regard.

Jordanian Foreign Ministry also called on the Iranian regime to respect good neighborly relations with Arab countries, not to intervene in their domestic affairs, and be committed to international conventions and norms.

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