NCRI - The so called reformist faction warned about the dangers of the transformed political situation on the international level, and called on Khamenei (supreme leader of the regime) to accept major overhaul in the Islamic Republic.

Tajzadeh, a so called reformist element said in panic: One of the reasons for the importance of national reconciliation is the international situation. After coming to power of Trump, there are things that threaten us and their elimination requires the cooperation and coordination of all forces, because it appears that Trump is seeking an excuse to settle accounts with Iran.

He added: In order to prevent new problems, we need major overhauls in different fields that need national unity and none of the factions alone can carry this big burden ... Accordingly, “national unity” has no meaning unless political forces recognize each other.

Mullah Gharavian from the Rouhani faction said: Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, Nategh Noori and Rouhani have a duty to perform their historical mission (with respect to reconciliation in the system).

In reaction to Khamenei’s faction attacks to prevent a second round of Presidency of Hassan Rouhani, Ghazizadeh, Minister of Health of the regime said Rouhani would participate in presidential elections.

This is while the Khamenei faction, by forming a new coalition, has begun its activities to introduce a candidate and joining of Mohsen Rezaei (former commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards) and Mohammad Bagher Zolqadr, a senior commander in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, to this coalition was met with a negative reaction from the Rouhani faction.

On the other hand, Khamenei faction is faced with differences from within. Revolutionary Guard Saeed Jalili, (Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran) warned the new coalition of Khamenei faction that “those who want to go underwater would face a heavy loss.

But Mohammad Reza Bahonar, from Khamenei faction suggested to Saeed Jalili not to have a separate entry to the elections.

Arman newspaper also wrote: (these comments indicate) that (Rouhani’s competitors) have not yet reached to an understanding for a single candidate and their camp is in a mess.

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