NCRI - In an interview with Al Arabiya Television, Syrian military and strategic analyst, Gen. Ahmad Rahal, said: “The regime in Iran is the main obstacle to the implementation of cease-fire in Syria.”

“After 6 days, we have had 180 cases of cease-fire violations all of them by Assad forces and Iranian regime militias. It is clear that these aggressions take place in Syria upon the order of Qassem Soleimani. Everybody knows that the Iranian regime is the one that hinders implementation of ceasefire,” Gen. Rahal continued.

“The Iranian regime sees that any political solution in Syria would threaten their interest and the interest of Assad regime. So, they work for destruction of the agreement,” he added.

Referring to ceasefire violation by the Iranian regime agents, Gen. Ahmad Rahal said: “The biggest violation of ceasefire has taken place in Wadi Barada (Barada Valley) … Today, Hezbollah (of Lebanon) and Iranian regime feel any attempt to implement the cease-fire would stabilize the positions of Free Syrian Army in Wadi Barada, a strategic region that is a serious threat to the Hezbollah’s interest and the assistance it receives via Damascus international airport. The region of Wadi Barada is about 15 km away from Damascus and 4 or 5 km away from Damascus-Beirut international highway. It is 7 to 15 km away from Lebanon’s border and 14 km away from the cities of Al-Zabadani and Madaya inside Syria.
Iranian regime doesn’t want this part of Syria be in the control of Free Syrian Army and thus attempts to destroy the ceasefire agreement.”

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