NCRI - n the midst of an escalating crisis at the highest level of the regime between Rouhani and head of regime’s judiciary over million-dollar state thefts and plunders, Iranian regime’s supreme leader Khamenei has republished on social media parts of his last year’s speech on regime’s internal conflicts, to warn over the consequences of disruption and division at the top of the Mullahs’ regime...

“When Imam (Khomeini) repeatedly said that no matter how much you want to shout, shout it at the United States, he actually meant that shout less at each other. I’m not saying let’s stop criticizing. But we should not confuse the main enemy with the second-rate enemies and friends with whom we may have disagreements and are not even enemies. The main enemy is somewhere else”, says Khamenei.

Also in a meeting with the families of seven regime’s agents killed in Syria, Khamenei tried to justify regime’s heavy losses in the country by maintaining once again that regime will have to fight on the streets of Tehran and other Iranian cities if it stops fighting in Syria.“If the rabble-rousers and the malevolent, on whom the United States and Zionists have capitalized, were not stopped (in Syria). We had to counter them in Tehran, Fars, Khorasan and Isfahan. These people crippled the enemy there “, said Khamenei.

He deceitfully claimed that the troops killed in Syria are a “source of pride for the entire nation.”

Stressing on providing regime’s security through intervention in Syria has turned into a priority in remarks made by regime’s officials in recent years.

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