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Saudi Arabia’s Daily Al-Riyadh: Maryam Rajavi Said the World Should Act Against Iran Regime

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NCRI - Al-Riyadh Newspaper printed in Saudi Arabia, published a report on Monday 28th November 2016 regarding the summit held in Paris. The report reads:"the president of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), Maryam Rajavi stated that the US policy was disastrous for the Iranian people over the past 16 years and this policy has generously contributed to the Mullahs' regime."

A conference entitled "The call to Justice; prosecuting the perpetrators of crimes against humanity in Iran and Syria" was held in Paris and Maryam Rajavi said that the people, the Resistance of Iran and the countries of the region expect US government to revise its Policy since a new government is taking the office. Many Iranians, prominent political and legal figures and parliamentarians participated in the conference from France, Europe and other countries of the region as well as the authorities of the Syrian opposition.

Maryam Rajavi stressed that the war and insecurity particularly the issue of ISIS will not be resolved in the current condition unless the Iranian regime ends it’s meddle in the region and especially in Syria. Any partnership with the Mullahs for dealing with ISIS is disastrous since it strengthens the regime and its terrorism and ISIS will gain a political and social power as well. The people of Iran resent the dirty war that is going on in Syria however by the nonsense words such as defending the shrine Khamenei tries to justify the bloodsheds and the occupation of Syria.

The six world powers granted Iran the unjustified privileges during the nuclear talks. They also ignored the resolutions of the Security Council which were not implemented by the Iranian regime. Nevertheless, the nuclear deal produced an inverse result although it was the only opportunity for the Iranian regime to remove the crises. The increasing hunger and indigence have shattered people's life. The internal gangs do not support the Mullahs as before and they cannot be controlled anymore. In addition to that, they also have no power to impose against the social protests. The guardianship of the Islamic Jurist has reached a deadlock today. Under such circumstances, it is easier to dismantle the current regime and to establish a pluralist Republic.

Maryam Rajavi said:"we, the people of region expect the international community to halt its policy of giving concession to the Mullahs' regime and to stop being silent and inactive towards the crimes of the Iranian regime in the region. The international community also has to respect the demands of the people of the region as well as the struggle of the Iranians for achieving freedom."

Al-Riyadh Newspaper also wrote:"it should be noted that the French and Colombian figures, the judge of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, judge of the International Criminal Court (in office till 2003) and the Mayor of the 5th arrondissement of Paris participated in the conference. Some members of the Syrian opposition had a speech about the bombings and crimes which are committed by the brutal regime of Assad. They also discussed that Assad's regime is considerably supported by Russia and the Iranian regime. A number of political prisoners who have left Iran recently talked about their experiences and observations regarding the widespread repression exerted on the Iranian people. At the end, a photo exhibition was held about the horrible massacre of 1988 and the execution of 30 thousand political prisoners."