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NCRI - On Friday, September 8, 2017. A number of civil rights activists were arrested in the city of Kermanshah Western Iran, following a protest gathering against the killing of porters carrying goods across the border, this gathering was also to support the ongoing protests in other major cities in western Iran which have started earlier this week as follows:

According to reports from Sanandaj, the capital of the Kurdistan province of Iran, the people of this city rallied on Thursday, September 7, in protest of the killing of porters by Iran regime's military and security forces.

The demonstration took place in Sanandaj following protests in the city of Baneh last week after two porters were shot and killed by the security forces.

It is reported also that, a large number of Security Forces, the Revolutionary Guards and Anti-riot Forces have been stationed at the early hours of Thursday morning to prevent protests in the city. Police helicopters were flying over the streets.

The protest gathering was held upon the call by civil rights activists.

Despite all the security measures and obstructions, protests were held in Sanandaj. On some streets, there was a chase between the riot force and the protesters, during which a number of young people were arrested. Reports indicate the arrest of at least 11 young protesters by security forces.

According to reports, a young man's arrest in Ferdowsi Street caused chaos in the protest and led to a clash between security forces and protesters.

The cities of Kurdistan are tense after the protests in Baneh. The people of Baneh are still in strike. Local sources say that routes to Baneh are closed.

Some reports say civil activists had also called for protest demonstrations in Kermanshah, but poor notification and the presence of security forces prevented the demonstration from taking place.

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