NCRI - The state-run ILNA News on August 12, 2017, reported that a group of metalworkers of a cooperative company staged protest against the hindrance of delivery for apartments of which their contracts were singed a long time ago.

According to the workers, Hasa-1 was the contractor who was responsible for assigning 42 residential units to these workers in the 6th phase of Parand City. This contractor has broken the promise and not delivered the apartments yet.

The workers stated," The apartments were going to be assigned since 2011 but this has not been done by so far. The responsible company has called the workers in the past days demanding more money for delivering the apartments."

According to the workers, the apartments were supposed to be delivered to an amount of 14 million Tomans ($4263) . The contractors have not delivered the apartments and they have requested more money.

The Metal workers said," we cannot afford to pay more. We cannot own a house. The value of our capital has been drastically reduced over the years as well."

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