Iran: Composer Prisoner Transferred to an Unknown Location

NCRI - On July 23, 2017, Youssef Emadi, a composer prisoner incarcerated in Evin prison who objected non-implementation of the principle of separation of crimes in Evin was taken away under the pretext of “being sent to the prison warden room” and transferred to an unknown location. So far, there is no news about his fate and whereabouts.

Interrogators of the IRGC Intelligence prevent the release of two political prisoners

NCRI - The interrogators of the Revolutionary Guards Corps Intelligence, after overturn of the 10-year heavy sentence of two political prisoners, continue to block their release. According to reports, the 10-year heavy prison sentences of political prisoners, Emadeddin Mollazehi and Hafez Yaghoub Jahandideh, have been overturned in Sistan and Baluchistan Province's appeals court, and they should be released in practice. But the Revolutionary Guards Corps Intelligence interrogators blocked the release of these two political prisoners and kept them in limbo.On Saturday, July 26, these two prisoners were taken to Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Prosecutor's Office and were again interrogated. Despite the overturn of their verdict by the Appeal Court of the province, Toroughi, the investigator of this branch called for a 300 million tomans bail to release each of them.

Iran: Prisoner of Conscience on Hunger Strike Over His Wife's Arrest

NCRI - A prisoner of conscience in Evin Prison, who has been in jail for the past four years, began a hunger strike on Tuesday, August 1 in protest to his wife’s arrest. Prisoner of conscience, Soheil Arabi went on hunger strike in Evin Prison in protest to the arrest of his wife, Nastaran Naimi, by the Revolutionary Guards. He was subsequently transferred to Section 2-A of the prison.

Iran Regime Arrests 3 Including Former Prisoner From 1980s

NCRI - A former Iranian political prisoner of the 1980s was detained in the city of Arak along with two of his nephews by the regime’s suppressive security forces and was transferred to an unknown location.

According to reports, on July 24, Bijan Kalangari, a retired 60-year-old and former political prisoner, was arrested by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence in Arak.

Iran: Repression Escalates During Rouhani's Presidency

NCRI - Amnesty International has reported on the increasing human rights abuses in Iran during the presidency of Hassan Rouhani.

The Iranian judiciary and security apparatus since 2013 has intensified the suppression of human rights defenders in Iran, according to a report by Amnesty International published on Wednesday August 2.

Iran: Missing Porter Man, Found After 70 Days of Arrest and Torture

NCRI - Abubakr Mowlania was delivered to his family on Monday, July 31, 2017, after 70 days of detention and torture by the IRGC agents in the dreaded Maku Prison in the West Azerbaijan Province.

According to the reports, Abubakr Mowlania is a 30-year-old married man with a child. In order to earn livelihood, he resorted to piggy backing heavy loads at the border areas of Sardasht, West Azerbaijan Province. It is noteworthy that he got critically injured and was under medical care for six months since the disciplinary police shot him in 2013.

Iran: Political Prisoners Stage Hunger Strike to Protest Attack by Special Guards

NCRI - According to reports, the political prisoners incarcerated in ward 4 Hall 12 of Gohardasht prison staged an indefinite hunger strike following the raid by special guards and forced transfer of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience to Hall 10 after beating and mayhem.

Hall 10 of Gohardasht prison in Karaj – west of Tehran, contrary to the prison regulations, is equipped with 40 CCTV cameras and sixty four surveillance systems. The agents have also prevented the transfer of all drugs and equipment of the sick prisoners.

Iran: Brutal Raid of the Special Guards, on the Political Prisoners and Prisoners of Conscience

NCRI - Special Guards at the Gohardasht Prison in Karaj, on Sunday July 30, 2017, brutally attacked hall 12 located in section 4 of the prison, which is the hall of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, and beat them.

According to reports, prisoners have been transferred to hall 10, which is equipped with CCTV cameras and a surveillance system.

Iran: The Statement of a Group of Political Prisoners and Call to Prosecute Perpetrators of 1988 Massacre

NCRI - A group of political prisoners in Gohardasht prison, on July 30, 2017, issued a statement condemning the 1988 massacre in Iran, calling on the perpetrators of this crime against humanity to be brought to justice.

The statement reads:


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