Iran: New suppressive force deployed in Tehran

Iran: New suppressive force deployed in TehranNCRI - A new patrol force launched in Greater Tehran according to Revolutionary Guard Morteza Talaie, commander of the Greater Tehran Security Forces.

Jomhury Eslami, state-run daily, quoted him saying: "The Guidance Patrols to enforce chastity regulations in the Greater Tehran are permanently stationed in 20 locations. The force consisting of 200 in 50 mobile teams using Mercedes Benz cars have already started their activities."

Iran: Clashes in Tehran University

Iran: Clashes in Tehran University NCRI - Tehran University students' dormitory was the scene of brutal clashes in early hours of Wednesday when suppressive forces attacked students. This took place as anti-government student demonstrations and sit-ins continued.

Iran: Students protest in Ahwaz University

Iran: Students protest in Ahwaz UniversityNCRI - In protest against appalling state of services, dozens of students at the engineering department of Ahwaz University, in southern province of Khuzistan, staged a protest in the university compound.

Students adopted a resolution at the end of their gathering which also strongly criticized the way student council elections was conducted and denounced clerical regime's interference in election process.

Iranian man hanged in southeast Iran

Iranian man hanged for kidnapping and armed robbery NCRI - A man identified as Abdolvahed N. was hanged in Zahedan, provincial capital of Sistan-Baluchistan, southeast Iran, the state-run news agency ISNA reported on Saturday.

The province has been the scene of fierce clashes between local Baluchi dissidents and the regime's Revolutionary Guards in recent months. Many suppressive forces have been killed in these clashes.

Two sentenced to death in Iran

Two sentenced to death in IranNCRI - Iranian press reported two more death sentences in the country on May 16. The Judiciary in Karaj, west of Tehran and Sari, provincial capital of northern province of Mazandaran, issued death sentences for two young men.

The State-run daily IRAN said the Supreme Court has upheld the sentences.

Sahand University students protest against official crackdown

Sahand University students protest against official crackdown NCRI - The sit-in by Sahand Technological University students in northwestern city of Tabriz against the regime's suppressive policies and disregard for students problems and difficulties that began on May 9.

The students are calling for the expulsion of agents of the paramilitary Bassij and the Ministry of Intelligence, including Babalou, who has been cracking down on the students in his position as the director of student affairs. They are also protesting against the dreadful condition of women's dormitories as well as the segregation in instructional and cultural settings on campus.

Iran: Azeri students protest

Iran: Azeri students protestNCRI - Students from Iranian Azerbaijan province at Tehran University protesting against university authorities as seen in the photos.

Students in Tabriz University at the provincial capital of Azerbaijan staged a sit-in protests on Tuesday denouncing insults by a state-run daily against the local Turkish language. The protest began with 250 students but it spread rapidly and more joined the sti-in.

Iran: Raid on political prisoner's ward

Iran: Raid on political prisoner's wardNCRI - Political prisoner's ward in Gohardasht Prison, west of Tehran, was raided by guards beating up the inmates.

According to information by the resistance's sources inside Iran, the latest raid was the fourth such brutal attack in the past ten days at Gohardasht Prison. The raids were commanded by a Revolutionary Guard named Reza Torabi.

Iran: Mullahs' parliament approved new code of dressing

Iran: Mullahs' parliament approved new code of dressingNCRI - Clerical regime's parliament (Majlis) approved the outlines of a bill setting out a new dress code as summer hot season approaching, IRNA, state-run news agency, reported on Monday, May15.

In early April strict rules were put in force for women as well as men to make them observe mullahs' code of dressing. Special force was sent out on streets to enforce harsh measures and arrest offenders. The move provoked widespread protests and young people defied the regime's suppressive measures.

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