Protest rally in Tehran to free imprisoned demonstrators

Protest rally in Tehran to free imprisoned demonstratorsNCRI - Relatives of several hundred people arrested during a peaceful anti-government demonstration by women on Monday gathered outside Tehran's notorious Evin Prison on Wednesday demanding the release of their loved ones.

The protesters then marched towards the Revolutionary Court on Moalem Street and continued their protest there, after being denied their right to rally outside the prison compound.

Iran: Three women hanged

Iran: Three women hanged NCRI - Three women were reported to have been hanged in Qazvin, west of Tehran, on Monday, June 12. The three were alleged to have been involved in drug trafficking and were hanged in the city's prison known as Choubindar prison.

The prison guard officer at the time of execution was a woman by the name of Rafi'i and the governor of the prison is a man called Lotfi.

Labor protests in Iran

Labor protests in IranNCRI - As the state of economy deteriorating in Iran under the clerical rule workers are feeling the pressure more than any other section of the society. There are widespread protests and strikes by workers around the country demanding their unpaid wages and higher salaries. The workers have also been protesting against discriminatory policies of the religious rule in the country.

Iran: Women's rights demonstrators beaten and arrested - Amnesty International

NCRI - In a public statement today, Amnesty International condemned violent disruption by Iranian regime's suppressive forces of a peaceful demonstration on 12 June by women and men in Tehran. The following is the full text of the statement e-mailed to us:

Iran: 23 teenage boys decided to commit mass suicide

Iran: 23 teenage boys decided to commit mass suicideNCRI - In a startling move in Iran's western Lorestan province, 23 teenagers and young men decided to attempt mass suicides due to poverty and unemployment.

Hossein Amini, deputy chief of the State Security Forces in the province, said: "According to information received, 23 unemployed young men in one of the rural areas pledged to commit suicide one after the other."

Crackdown on newspapers in Iran

Crackdown on newspapers in Iran NCRI - Iranian regime banned a newspaper for covering recent uprisings in northwestern provinces.

The Neda-y-Azar-Abadegan daily was closed down for reporting mass demonstrations and public resentment towards the clerical regime and its chief editor was arrested and put in jail. The office of the newspaper was locked and sealed.

Iran: Women's Rights Activists Beaten in Tehran

Iran: Women's Rights Activists Beaten in Tehran The Associated Press, Tehran - Iranian police with batons and shields beat women's rights demonstrators in a downtown Tehran square Monday, injuring one protester and detaining 20.

The injured woman was taken to a hospital with wounds to her face and head. Her identity and further details were not immediately available.

The protest by about 200 women was organized by a previously unknown group calling itself the Labor and Communist Party. An invitation delivered to The Associated Press on Sunday demanded equal rights for women and the nullification of a law allowing Iranian men to have four wives.

Iran police beat women activists

Iran police beat women activists BBC News - Police in Iran have beaten a small group of women activists trying to hold a protest for greater legal rights in the biggest square of the capital.

Several people were arrested by the security forces who moved in almost as soon as activists started gathering.

Iran: Students in Tehran call for release of their colleagues

Iran: Students in Tehran call for release of their colleagues NCRI - Members of the central council of the student association of Amir Kabir University entered in their second week of sit-in protest calling for the release of two of their colleagues.

Yashar Qajar and Abed Tavanche, two members of the central council of the student association were abducted over 15 days ago and no government security services or the judiciary take the responsibility for their disappearance. The security forces had contacted the families of Tavanche and Qajar last week telling them that the two students were detained in Tehran's notorious Evin prison.

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