Iran: Heavy Prison Sentences for Three Political Prisoners

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NCRI - After months of uncertainty, the prison sentences of three political prisoners incarcerated in Gohardasht prison in Karaj – west of capital Tehran, were finally declared to their lawyers.

According to reports, the political prisoners Mohammad Amirkhizi and Payam Shakiba were each sentenced to 11 years imprisonment on three alleged charges. Mohammad Amirkhizi was also sentenced to two years compulsory residence in exile in Nik Shahr of Sistan and Baluchistan province. Based on another report, Majid Assadi, a student activist and political prisoner, was sentenced to six years imprisonment. He was also sentenced to two years of exile and compulsory residence in the town of Borazjan in Bushehr.

Paris Exhibition & Conference, Justice for Victims of 1988 Massacre in Iran

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An exhibition and a conference were held today at the 5th arrondissement of Paris, focusing on the “massacre of thousands of political prisoners in 1988 in Iran – Right of families of the victims to learn the truth.”

Invited by Mayor Florence Berthout, the conference was co-sponsored by the Committee to Support Human Rights in Iran and the Committee of French Mayors for A Democratic Iran. A number of political personalities, lawyers and a large number of elected representatives of France participated in the conference and delivered their speeches, calling on the UN, world governments and relevant judicial authorities to show appropriate reaction to this “crime against humanity” which had been forgotten for years, but has been recently brought up in Iran and on the international level.

Hold Iran Regime Accountable for Human Rights Abuses

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NCRI - The Iranian Regime is built on a long history of human rights violations, suppressing any form of dissent or challenge to their power, and expanding these dangerous ideas across the Middle East.

These bloodthirsty mullahs must be challenged by international leaders, but the lingering question is will they be?

The European Union is a powerful bloc of 28 countries who should be able to stand up the Regime and say ‘no more’, but on a visit to the country last week, a delegation of members of the European Parliament failed to do so.

Iran: Eight People Arrested Due to Revealing the Inaction of Authorities in Aiding Quake Victims

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NCRI - The Iranian regime's security forces arrested eight people for disclosing the state of the recent earthquake in western Iran and lack of action by the authorities to assist earthquake victims and provide relief.

According to the reports, Arzhang Zargoush, a journalist from a provincial weekly, was arrested by intelligence agents on 23 November 2017 for publishing a video of the state of the Kermanshah earthquake and the lack action by the authority to provide help and relief in the village of Gaavmish-Cheran (Buffalo Cowboy), a suburb of Gilan-e Gharb county.

Iran: Detention and Torture of Youths to Obtain Forced Confessions

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NCRI - Five Baluch citizens, who were arrested four months ago in the south-eastern part of Iran, were subjected to torture and mayhem to obtain forced and dictated confessions.

The agents have reportedly pulled out three fingernails of a detainee.

Mohammad Saleh Shahdad Zahi, Mahmoud Shahlabar, Idris Rokni, Abdolaziz Rokni and Hashem Zardkuhi were arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence in Iranshahr on July 8, 2017.

Iran Must Be Held to Account for Crimes Against Humanity

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NCRI - The greatest threat posed by the Iranian Regime is not its illegal ballistic missiles or nuclear weapons programmes but the threat to its own people.

This threat is by no means a new one, it came in with the Regime in 1979, but for some reason hardly anyone outside of Iran appears to care.

The biggest single attack that the Iranian Regime launched on its own people, for which they remain unpunished to this day, is the 1988 massacre in which over 30,000 political prisoners were murdered in just a few months.

International Call for Immediate Release of Political Prisoners in Iran

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NCRI - Walter Sanchez, the Secretary-General of the International Industrial Workers' Union, and five French labor syndicates called for the immediate release of Mahmoud Salehi and Reza Shahabi, two labor activists imprisoned in Iran.

Mr. Sanchez expressed concerns over the arrest and torture and illegal behavior by Iranian regime towards workers and trade union leaders due to union and guild activities, saying the health and well-being of the two prisoners are in grave danger. According to reports, the political prisoner, Mahmoud Salehi, suffers from heart disease and diabetes. The physician treating Mahmoud Salehi recommended that he be transferred to a well-equipped hospital in Tehran, Tabriz, or Orumiyeh due to the weakness of his heart, but the regime's judiciary refused and returned him to Saghez prison on November 20.

A Letter Regarding the Status of Hunger Striking Political Prisoner in Iran

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NCRI - Atena Daemi, a female political and civil rights activist incarcerated in Evin prison, wrote an open letter reacting to the situation of Mohammad Nazari, a political prisoner detained in Rajai Shahr (Gohardasht) prison in Karaj who experienced a prolonged hunger strike in recent months.

Ms. Daemi considers freedom to be the right of this prisoner who has been deprived of his freedom for the past 24 years.

Iran: Inhumane Pressure on Political Prisoners and Labour Activists

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NCRI - According to reports, the Iranian regime's judiciary and security authorities have opposed and prevented the transfer of the imprisoned labour activist Mahmoud Salehi to a well-equipped hospital.

Doctors have insisted that this labour activist should be transferred to a more accessible hospital soon due to acute cardiac, kidney and diabetes problems.

According to state-run ILNA news agency, quoting Mr. Salehi's family, his doctor recommended that this labour activist should be transferred to a hospital in Tehran, Tabriz, or Orumiyeh for continued treatment of his heart.

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