Iran Protests

NCRI - The father of Martyr Mostafa Karim Beigi in a statement condemned the agents of the Ministry of the Intelligence for arresting his wife and intimidating to set his house on fire.

The statement reads:"you told us that Shahnaz will be released provided that we keep silent. Lies after lies, oppression after oppression! I proudly announce that I am the father of Mostafa Karim Beigi; a 26-year old boy who sacrificed his life to Iran and freedom."

In the statement, Mohammad Karim Beigi explained how his son died:"after the uprising of 2009 in Iran, my son went into the street with empty hands but he was shot on the forehead. I am the father who buried his son with his own hands in the cold grave while he was shrouded with blood. Today my daughter experiences sharp pang since her mother is arrested and imprisoned on the charges of ‘seeking justice.’

Where does this oppression to my family and children stem from? Why doesn't it end? The mother of my children has been in solitary confinement for days and we have no news about her. They have intimidated my daughter that they will set our house on fire. Which house do you mean by that? The house that you have already treated with disrespect and blood? The house of a mother whom you arrested? "

He then referred to the tombstone of his son and said:"you did not even pay respect to my son's eternal home and you broke his grave. The posterity will write about your oppressions in history books and you will be put to shame. Release the mother of my son and do not ignite our bereaved hearts. My wife should not be imprisoned."

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