Calls for Canada to Put Pressure on Iranian Regime

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NCRI - Last month, a 63-year-old Iranian man died in prison. His name was Kavous Seyed-Emami and he was the managing director of the Persian Heritage Wildlife Foundation and a professor of sociology at Imam Sadeq University in Iran’s capital.

Urgent: Moving Message of Political Prisoner on Dry Hunger Strike, Soheil Arabi on the Verge of Demise

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NCRI - The Political prisoner Mr. Soheil Arabi on the forty-sixth day of his strike at Tehran's Great Prison has sent the following message:

UN: Human Rights Violations in Iran Have Gotten Worse

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NCRI - The United Nations said that the human rights situation in Iran has gotten considerably worse since its previous report in August, citing executions (including of juveniles), discrimination against women and other marginalised groups, corporal punishment, free speech restrictions, and arbitrary arrests.

European Politicians Ask EU and UN to Tackle Iran Regime on Human Rights Abuses

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NCRI - They also called for an investigation into the 1988 massacre of the MEK

A seminar on the human rights situation in Iran following the uprising last December was held in Geneva on Tuesday, attended by many prominent figures from the worlds of politics and human rights, including the coordinator of the Change Campaign in Iran, Struan Stevenson.

Struan Stevenson: Iran Regime Is the Most Repressive in the Middle East

Iranian regime executes more people, per capita, than any other country in the world

GENEVA. March 6, 2018.At the invitation of non-governmental organizations, a seminar was held in the European headquarter of the United Nations, on the situation of human rights in Iran after the uprising in last December. At this symposium, which was moderated by Ms. Hanifa Khairi, prominent political figures, parliamentary deputies and human rights figures spoke about the continuing crimes committed by the regime in Iran in the face of the general uprising of the Iranian people.

Iran: Dry Hunger Strike of Political Prisoner Soheil Arabi

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NCRI - The political prisoner, Soheil Arabi, has started dry hunger strike since Monday, March 5.

In a message from prison, addressing the regime and its judiciary this political prisoner said: “You violated my rights. At least let me donate my body organs. I doubt that I will remain alive for one or two more days. I do not eat food or drink water and I do not even allow injecting serum.

 Iran Regime's Dismal Human Rights Record Highlighted by UN Secretary General

The UN Secretary General’s report on human rights in Iran was published, including his concern over the harassment of families of victims of the 1988 mass executions for their quest to uncover the truth.

The Fate of Political Prisoners in Iran

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NCRI - Every anti-regime protester in Iran knows the harsh penalty for getting caught, but, in desperation, they are still heading to the streets.

So far in the nationwide protests of 2018, dozens have been killed by the Regime’s security forces, tens of thousands have been attacked, thousands have been arrested and are facing the death penalty for vague charges of violating national security, and dozens have been disappeared or died in suspicious circumstances whilst in custody.

Protests Against Presence of Iran Regime's Sanctioned Minister in U.N.

Protests as sanctioned Iran minister addresses UN rights meet

AFP: Feb. 27, 2018. Demonstrators gathered outside the UN in Geneva Tuesday and some diplomats left in protest over an address by Iran's justice minister to the rights council, despite facing Swiss and EU sanctions over rights violations.


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