NCRI - The government controlled Newspaper “Sharq”, focused on the outcome of televised regime’s candidates’ debates on May 9th, and wrote: “This debate, other than making the people feel hopeless and pessimistic, didn’t have any other benefit. Following the escalation of crises in Iran's presidential election, this government controlled newspaper, in an editorial titled "do not auction the dignity off the country", warned the candidates and the regime,: “Regardless of what positive effects these televised debates might have on the presidential candidates and their supporters, from the perspective of the challenges facing the country, they have no outcome other than making the people hopeless and pessimistic.”

Sharq adds that Islamic Revolution of Iran has much opposition and if they spent thousands of hours to find fault in the U.S. and use it to campaign against the U.S. that may not be as effective as the debates. According to this State media, these debates can even expose enough information from the Iranian regime for years to come and leave its negative effects for foreigners to understand the situation inside Iran.

Then, Sharq wrote: “Once one reviews the sentences expressed by some presidential candidates in two previous debates and remembers the effects of their suggestions on society,” then one finds the depths of disaster. The country is experiencing absolute poverty. There are 4% of looters, thieves and smugglers that are the government in our country and 96% are involved with hunger, unemployment and caught in thousands of other miseries. Then, God help us, the third debate’s theme is economic.

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