Iran: Traders Are in Tremendous Trouble Due to Sanctions

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - Among the exporters' problems are the impracticality of transferring money, for example, from Russia to Iran, and receiving visas for economic agents to enter Qatar, and Iran is still having difficulty with transferring foreign exchange earned from its exports, according to the state-run Mehr news agency.

The source added, “First, you have to send a draft to Dubai, then to Malaysia and from Malaysia to other target countries, and this will cause a lot of problems.”

Iran: Bankruptcy of the Bags and Footwear Industry Due to Uncontrolled Imports and Protests of the Workers

By NCRI Staff

NCRI - A group of workers and merchants in the shoes and bags sector in the province of Tehran staged a gathering in front of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of the Interior to protest the closure of many workshops producing these products.

Iran: We Remain in Recession, Said Stonecutting Guild Chief

NCRI - Head of the stonecutting guild in the city of Isfahan said following the JCPOA nothing has changed for the better in the stonecutting industry.

“Recession has stopped the construction market. Considering the fact that exports have come to a standstill, both phenomenon have combined to worsen the current circumstances,” he said.

Iran: Where Is the Most Backward Banking System of the World?

NCRI - The advisor to the Iranian regime’s president acknowledged backwardness of the regime’s banking system and said: “We have the weakest banking system in the world, and if the government cannot repair this defective system, production will be difficult in the country.”

A Look at Iran's Hospitals and Quality of Their Services

NCRI - As part of each country’s infrastructures, hospitals and quality of their services indicate in some ways how developed each country and its healthcare services are. In Iran, however, hospitals and the quality of their services are in a horrible state, a fact acknowledged by regime’s own officials as well.

Iran's Short-Term Foreign Debts Increased by 9 Times After JCPOA

NCRI - According to the News, the short-term foreign debts of the Iran regime has increased by 900%. The state-run websites on August 17, 2017, reported, "The Central Bank of Iran recently announced that the balance of payments in June 2017 indicates an increase of foreign debts in the 11th government. According to this report, the amount of short-term foreign debts reached $754 million dollars when Rouahni took the office in the first round. The debts have gone up and down over the past 4 years and they finally reached 3 billion and 472 million dollars with an increase of 360% by this year.

Iran: The Dissipation of Eight Banks in the 11th Government

NCRI - According to the state-run Fars news agency, affiliated to Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), the review of the Iranian banks’ financial statements from 2013 to various seasons of 2016 shows that the banks' profits have fallen sharply during this time period, and even some banks have suffered heavy losses.

Latest reports indicate that at least eight banks have suffered losses, and it appears that if there are audited financial statements for all banks in the year 2016, the number of banks that suffered heavy squandering will increase substantially.

Iran: Ongoing Bankruptcy of the Factories and Unemployment Crisis

NCRI - With the closure of the Asal (honey) ice cream factory in the city of Sanandaj, in Kurdistan province, 120 workers of this old factory were unemployed. The employer says: “The facilities that were promised to us were not paid.”

The state-run ILNA news agency reports that the ice cream factory “Honey of Kurdistan” has been closed for months, and workers are unemployed for nearly five months.

The Chinese Government Blocks Iranian Accounts

NCRI - According to the Iranian regime’s state-owned media on August 7, 2017, China has announced an unprecedented measure of blocking accounts of affiliated Iranian authorities due to US-imposed international sanctions.

The state-run Mehr news agency wrote: “China has blocked Iranian accounts in ABC, ICBC, and MERCHANT banks.”

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