Allocation of $2.5 Billion From the Ndf to Military Objectives Authorized by Khamenei

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NCRI - The spokesman for the 2018 budget consolidation commission in the Iranian regime’s parliament announced the agreement of Ali Khamenei, supreme leader of the regime, with a $4 billion withdrawal from the National Development Fund (NDF) in the next year's budget.

Actual Number of Unemployed in Iran Twice as the Official Statistics

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NCRI - The government of Hassan Rouhani has announced that the unemployment rate in Iran was 11 percent, which is not accepted by public opinion, and other government agencies insist that the real unemployment rate in Iran is twice that figure.

According to the state-run Mashreq news agency on 20 January 2018, the statistics announced by the government in recent years on job creation and unemployment rates have always been mistrusted by the people.

Iran’s Economic Situation Worsening

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NCRI - The Institute of International Finance, the IIF, has said that the unstable public finances of Iran are resulting in the deterioration of asset quality in banks. It also indicated that it is causing capital erosion. Garbis Iradian, the IIF’s Chief Economist for the Middle East and Africa region, said: “Continued public payment arrears, connected lending, and poor management of the banking system have weakened the balance sheets of Iran’s banks, underscoring the need for large capital injections, management restructuring, and governance improvements.”

Cutting Global Oil Prices Will Destroy Iranian Regime

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NCRI - In order to crush the Iranian Regime and support the people of Iran, we need to target their most valued export- oil- and cut international prices beyond what they can afford.

There are massive anti-regime protests taking part in Iran right now. It started over a sharp increase in food prices in Mashad and grew into a national protest about everything that is wrong with the Regime- and that’s a lot.

Iran: Six Million Graduates Are out of Work

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NCRI - Based on official figures, 5-6 million Iranian university graduates are out of work, says head of Iranian regime parliament’s Planning and Budget Commission.

Speaking in a special TV news program, Gholamreza Tajgardoon said that three million 200 thousand of the country’s active population as well as three million 950 thousand of inactive population are out of work, adding “of the country’s total active population of 25 million 790 thousand, 22 million 588 thousand are working while the remaining three million 203 thousand are out of work.”

Iran Regime's Parliament Speaker: We Can't Run the Country

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NCRI - According to Iranian regime’s Parliament Speaker, there’s no sign of prosperity in Iran’s economy and the proposed government budget is not even enough for running the country, let alone shaking up the country’s sluggish economy.

“The country’s total income, coming from oil, tax and other sources of revenue, hardly reaches 300 billion thousand tomans (nearly $70 billion). So, the country’s current expenditure should be limited as much”, says Ali Larijani.

Syria and Iraq Create "Severe Restrictions" on Import of Goods From Iran

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NCRI - The Deputy of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce announced that despite the establishment of a $1 billion credit line (by Iran regime) for Syria, this country has created “restrictions” on import of Iranian goods.

He also announced that in recent weeks “Iraq has raised Iran's dairy export tariffs form 5 to 25 percent in one day.”

EU Must Stop Its Trade Deal With Iran Regime

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NCRI - The European Union is Iran's biggest trading partner at $8 billion a year (and pending deals that may increase it further) but do Britain, France, and Germany value that partnership over their supposed opposition to the Iranian Regime’s nuclear weapons programme?

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) - the UN’s nuclear watchdog- recently released a report that Iran had secretly made highly-enriched uranium and plutonium- a clear violation of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty- and deliberately hid the evidence for almost 20 years.

Institutionalized Corruption of Iran Regime

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NCRI - During factional feud among Iranian regime officials, the state-run Etemad newspaper acknowledged the institutionalized corruption as the root of the super-challenges of the system, and in an article on 20 November 2017 titled “The Super Challenge of Iranian Economy” wrote: “We are facing four super-challenges, the first of which is the fundamental decision-making system.”

“This is the main crisis and the background for creating crisis, that is to decide how much the exchange rate and interest rates will be, or how to allocate oil resources to different sectors.”


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