Shocking Remarks by Iran's Economy Minister: State Companies Are Behind Financial Corruption

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s Minister of Economy acknowledged the fact that those benefiting from financial corruption, money laundering, royalty benefits and refusing to pay financial debts are against the reformation of economic structures.

The fact that Iran’s economy is dependent on oil revenues is no secret suddenly discovered by Ali Tayeb Nia, Iran’s Minister of Economy and Finance. However, his remarks in the 10th annual “Iran’s Financial and Tax Policy Conference” held in Tehran University’s School of Economics, reveals the Iranian economy’s poor status and the opposition stances preventing the reformation of Iran’s financial and tax system, according to this minister.

FATF Remains Concerned With Terrorist Financing From Iran

The intergovernmental Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which monitors money laundering and terrorism financing worldwide, decided in late June to keep Iran on its blacklist of high-risk countries,

Iran under the rule of mullahs is still considered a Non-Cooperative Country or Territory.

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is the global standard setting body for anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT).

Former Iranian Regime's MP Acknowledges Country's Deadly Recession

NCRI - Commenting on why 38 years after the revolution there’s still poverty and prostitution, former Iranian regime’s MP Alireza Zakani said in a conference held at the Rajayee Teacher Training University “there is a deadly recession in the country. Our economic problem is the issue of unemployment. Unfortunately some (regime’s officials) are not willing to work, and they don’t believe they should look for solutions within the country, either”, according to state-run ‘Javan Online’ news agency February 26.

Iran Regime's Contradictory Inflation Rate Figures, a Sign of Deepening Economic Crisis

NCRI - While Iran’s Statistics Center announced a 0.1% drop in inflation rate in February compared to January, the Central Bank announced that the rate has increased 1.1% compared to previous month.

Iran's central bank on Thursday February 23 announced that the inflation rate in February reached 8.7% that compared to the previous month has increased by 1.1%.

However Iran’s Statistics Center stated in a report that the inflation rate in February reached 6.8% that compared to the previous month decreased by 0.1%.

A Look at Iran's Bankrupt Economy and People's Distresses

NCRI - Last week, the price of U.S. Dollar was up from 3791 to 3797. Price of each newly designed Bahar Azadi gold coin reached one million and 169 thousand tomans, a 5600 toman increase compared to its price a day before.

As for the stock exchange, shares of seven auto manufacturing groups were traded lower in the capital market, according to gold and jewelry union website.

Iran Regime's Official: Current Policies Won't Save the Country From an Economic War

NCRI - “We can save our country from a military war, but not from an economic, currency one with current policies”, said an Iranian regime’s MP while acknowledging the embezzlements and plunders within the regime as well as Iran’s critical economic condition.

According to state-run Parsnews news agency, Abdolreza Azizi said in his plenary speech in regime’s Parliament on February 15 that “country’s monetary and banking system is suffering a malignant cancer which needs radical treatment.”

How Rouhani Has Demolished Iran's Agricultue

NCRI - In protest against lowering tariffs on imported rice, Mehrdad Lahouti, Iranian regime’s MP from Langarud, said that “this means the land-use of nearly 3000 hectares of rice fields will be changed. People! Farmers! I’m telling you, no one in this country is thinking of you. Everyone is seeking their own interests. You go change the land-use of your farmlands.”

Former Iran Regime's Deputy Minister of Economy: Our Main Problem Is the Authorities' Fraud

NCRI - Chief Executive of the Participation Front and the Deputy Minister of Economy and Advisor to the Minister of Energy in the government of Mohammad Khatami, described the fraud of officials a structural problem of the Iranian regime.

Safaei Farahani says that in the past 38 years people's rights have been neglected.

Iran: 50% of Industrial Towns Are Shut Down

NCRI - The former Iranian MP announced that 50% of industrial towns were shut down and the remaining 50% are working at less than half capacity.

The state-run Basij News ( on Friday, February 10th 2017 released a report quoting the former Iranian MP, Alireza Khosravi that:"every day we witness the closure of production units, like the closure of 700 gold-selling units, and protests of the farmers against the distribution of milk products with low prices."

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