70 Percent of Construction Workers out of Work Due to Iran's Recession in Housing Sector

NCRI - Board member of the so-called High Association of Labor Unions ‘Hadi Sadatai’ has said that recession in housing sector has left 70 percent of construction workers jobless, according to terrorist Quds force’s Tasnim news agency on May 29.

Iran: Playing With Contraband Figures Before Presidential Election

NCRI - $23 billion in smuggled goods enter Iran each year

Estimating the total value of smuggled goods remains a challenging calculation due to its illegal and secretive nature, according to a report wired by the semi-official Fars news agency.

Iran: 75 % of Stone Manufacturing Units Closed, Making 22,000 Jobless

NCRI - Due to regime’s economic policies, more than 75 percent of stone manufacturing units in Tehran have been closed, making 22,000 workers lose their jobs, according to reports.

“Nearly 22,000 workers in this sector have currently lost their jobs”, says a stone manufacturer, “and nearly 75 percent of stone manufacturing units have been closed.”

State media: 300% decrease in foreign investment in Iran

NCRI - The Iranian state-run Vatan daily published a statement on Monday issued by so-called Oil Industry Specialists in an attempt to undermine a recent speech delivered by the Iranian regime’s President Hassan Rouhani.

Vatan, linked to the faction of the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, said in its report:

Regime's Lawmaker: Rouhani is Providing Jobs for Chinese in Iran & China

NCRI - Mohammad Ismaeil Saeedi, a member of the social commission of the Iranian parliament, said Hassan Rouhani’s government is providing jobs for the Chinese in both China and Iran despite the fact that millions are unemployed in Iran.

“Uncontrolled fishing by Chinese fisherman in Iran’s coasts, revealed by an MP, has become a good reason for us to disclose more important facts revealing one third of the fishermen in Iran’s southern coasts are Chinese,” he said, according to the state-run Javan daily on May 8.

Per Capita Income Conditions in Iran No Different From War-Torn Syria

NCRI - The state-run Aftab-e Yazd daily, affiliated with the faction loyal to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, issued a post shedding important light on Iran’s economic conditions.

“There has never been an election in Iran where the candidates have not promised better living conditions,” the piece reads.

Iran: 70% of Factories Have Been Shut Down in Iran

NCRI - Chairman of the House of Industry Mines and Trade of Iran, Wahab Sahlabadi, said that "only 30 percent of manufacturing units in Iran are active and the remaining 70 percent have been closed or are operating well below capacity."

According to the terrorist Quds Force news agency, known as Tasnim, Seyyed Abdul Wahab Sahlabadi, pointed out that debt of manufacturing units in Iran is getting heavier and no one thinks about a strategy in this area, and said: "Today in total 30% of production units are active that shows that 70 percent of the production units closed or are operating well below capacity.”

Iran: Even One Million New Jobs a Year Will Not Change the Unemployment Rate

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s Parliament on Sunday April 23, hold a closed-door session to address the issue of unemployment, in this meeting Ministers of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare and the head of Parliament’s Research Center admitted that if even every year one million jobs are created, the unemployment rate will not change until 2021.

The state run ‘Mehr news agency’ quoted a representative whose name is not mentioned, that the Minister of Labor reported the number of unemployed in the country is over 3,200,000 people.

Iran Regime's 'Presidential Election' and Absurd Promises

NCRI - A tasty rumor for teachers was released just before the start of the new Persian year (March 2017), according to which a $150-$220 increase in their salaries was awaiting them.

Regarding the $150-$220 increase in teacher salaries, Mansour Mojaveri, Director-General of Planning and Budget in regime’s Ministry of Education, had said January this year “the establishment of teachers payment system is included in one of the provisions of the sixth development program, which should be formulated and applied after the program is communicated”, according to Revolutionary Guards’ Fars news agency.

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