Iran Regime's 'Presidential Election' and Absurd Promises

NCRI - A tasty rumor for teachers was released just before the start of the new Persian year (March 2017), according to which a $150-$220 increase in their salaries was awaiting them.

Regarding the $150-$220 increase in teacher salaries, Mansour Mojaveri, Director-General of Planning and Budget in regime’s Ministry of Education, had said January this year “the establishment of teachers payment system is included in one of the provisions of the sixth development program, which should be formulated and applied after the program is communicated”, according to Revolutionary Guards’ Fars news agency.

Iran: Widespread Financial Corruption in Judicial Branch

NCRI - In reaction to remarks made a few days ago by regime’s MP ‘Mahmoud Sadeghi’ about the ‘astronomical salaries’ paid in the judicial branch, regime’s head of judiciary has accused Sadeghi of acting in line with the attacks made by enemies from abroad.

According to state-run IRNA news agency, Sadegh Larijani claimed on Monday April 17 that “over the past few years, the judiciary has been faced with severe attacks by enemies, and unfortunately some from inside.”

Iran: The Largest Bicycle Factory Manufacturing Comes to a Still Stand

NCRI - According to Tasnim News Agency Online, Asak bicycle manufacturing factory in Ghochan, which was one of the largest bicycle manufacturing in the Middle East and a place for creation of employment for many people in that region, officially closed on April 17th, 2017.

MP Shedding Light at Iran's Automotive Industries "Mafia"

NCRI - An Iran parliament member of Industries and Mines Commission reported that Iran's automotive industry’s "mafia" is "jeopardizing the citizens’ safety and welfare.”

Javad Hosseinikia of Industries and Mines Commission reported on a meeting held with members of the auto-manufacturing industry on Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

Iran: Major Class Division Due to Corruption & Systematic Plundering

NCRI - In Iran economic inequality and class divisions has reached a point that many economic experts have literally divided all people into those who possess property and those who truly don’t possess any property at all. As a result, Iran has no middle class.

“Published statistics show that in recent years the financial power of the rich has increased in comparison to the power of the poor, under a variety of indexes,” according to the state-run Tasnim news agency.

Iran Regime's Largest Bank (Saderat) Likely to Be Delisted From Stock Market

NCRI - Following its 282 percent loss in the stock exchange, it’s now more likely that Iranian regime’s Saderat Bank be delisted from the market and relegated to off-exchange trading, while the bank’s investors are blocked from trading the bank shares.

According to state-run ‘Nasim Online’ news agency, after Saderat Banks shares fell 282 percent in the last month of previous Persian year (March 2017), the possibility of the bank being delisted from the stock exchange and transferred to off-exchange market has strengthened. The bank shares fell following a disagreement between the Auditing Organizations and the Central Bank over Saderat Bank’s balance sheet.

The Member of the Chamber of Commerce, "No Foreign Bank Will Cooperate With Iran Even After Iran Deal"

NCRI - The Chairman of the Investment Commission of the Chamber of Commerce, Ferial Mostofi, announced that except for some small and medium-sized banks, no major international bank has offered its cooperation with Iran.

As the state-run Donya-e-Eghtesad (the World of Economy) News reported, on April 12th, 2017, the Investment Commission held its first summit after the New Year to investigate the factors influencing investment from the perspective of the international community, as well as the best strategies to attract foreign investment after the lifting of sanctions. In this meeting, Mostofi referred to all the unsolved problems originating from the sanctions, as well as their impact on all economic issues in Iran. She stated that the necessary conditions are not prevalent in order to identify the strategic sectors.

Iran Regime's Presidential Election Farce Riddled With Fraud, Systematic Corruption

NCRI - Former Iranian MP Ahmad Tavakoli and Abbas Abdi, a known member of the so-called “reformist” camp in Iran, issued a statement admitting how institutionalized financial and economic corruption in Iran have resulted in senior officials becoming “concession greedy” and how “this corruption will eventually find more depth, and today we are faced with systematic and networked corruption.”

Iranian Regime's MP: 60 Percent of Iran's Hospitals in a State of Disrepair

NCRI - A member of Health Committee of Iranian regime’s parliament announced that 60 percent of Iran’s hospitals are old and disrepaired.

According to regime’s parliamentary ‘Khane Mellat’ news agency on April 12, while pointing to the number of dilapidated health centers, Haydar-Ali Abedi added that “if restoration of these centers is not put on the agenda, irreparable damages are going to occur following any crisis.”

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