Boeing's Landmark Deal With Iran Regime in Jeopardy

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NCRI - The Iran nuclear deal paved the way for U.S. aerospace corporation Boeing to make a deal with Iran's state-controlled airline, Iran Air. However, Trump's recent decision to decertify Iran’s compliance with the nuclear agreement has prompted a shift in thinking on the landmark deal between Boeing and Iran Air. Special licenses from the Treasury Department are needed to move forward, according to U.S. officials and those in Congress who are familiar with the shift in thinking on the issue.

The US Hopes to Blockade Iran Regime's Oil in Order to Cut Terrorism Financing

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NCRI - US Energy Secretary Rick Perry announced on October 5 that the first-ever shipment of US crude oil had arrived in India, as part of the new administration’s focus on energy dominance and edging Iranian oil out of the market.

Perry said that this new "collaborative work" on energy between the US and India will increase jobs, economic stability, and national security in both nations.

When Workplace Safety Is Sacrificed for Political Motives by Iran Regime

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NCRI - Stemming from political motives The Iranian regime's authorities to rapidly expand oil projects, have removed the safety and critical facilities of oil refineries from their list of prerequisites, this way, the lives of workers and refinery personnel will be at risk due to the lack of work safety.

Iran: Smuggling Increase by More Than Half but IRGC Is Still Biggest Culprit

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NCRI - Items smuggled into Iran has increased by more than half, compared with the same five-month period in 2016, according to the commander of the Iran regime’s Police Crime Unit.

Iran Regime High-Ranking Officials Expose Each Other's Plundering

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NCRI - On September 2, 2017. Mustafa Pour-Mohammadi, who is currently an official of the Iranian regime’s Judiciary after being ousted from the Ministry of Justice, in an interview with the government news agency, urged the Judiciary to expedite the investigation of cases of corruption and theft of former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Iran's Economy Keeps Deteriorating Amid Claims of Growth

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NCRI - Despite Hassan Rouhani and his cabinet members claiming about creating one million jobs each year, state media report on deterioration of the country’s critical economic conditions.

Iran Regime's Economist: As Long as Recession Dominates, the Growth Statistics Are Worthless

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NCRI - On Monday, September 11, 2017, a faculty member at Allameh University, Mohammad Yousefi,, acknowledged the bankruptcy of the Iranian regime and said Iran's economy faces a serious unemployment crisis, so it is unfortunate that the authorities, instead of providing appropriate solutions for the elimination of unemployment and poverty, announce meaningless and unbelievable economic growth indicators that do not affect people's lives.

Iranian Regime Gradually Expelled From Iraq Import Market

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NCRI - According to board member of Iranian regime’s Exporters Association, the conditions for exporting Iranian goods to Iraq are deteriorating every day.

An activist in the field has recently complained about Iraqis’ “discriminating and unfair” treatment with Iranian exporters.

Astonishing Statistics About Iran's Devastated Industry

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NCRI - According to the Head of the Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, South Korea with 10 production units produces cement multiple times higher than Iran with 165 units. He said that the situation is the same in other sectors, and a “fundamental change” is necessary to make an upheaval.

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