NCRI - The Iranian regime’s Speaker of Parliament, Ali Larijani, admitted on Thursday, July 13, 2017, to a low share of the development budget in the general budget and said: “90% of the budget is current and 10% is development budget.” According to him, 10% budget allocated to the development is not real.

Larijani who was speaking at a meeting of the Headquarters and Provincial Directorate of the Organization of Technical and Professional Training of the regime in Qom added: “The 10% share of the development budget from the entire country's budget last year was not real and was given in the form of bonds.”

The parliament speaker said because the government did not have the ability to repay its partnership bonds last year, “repossessed the bonds indicating that this budget has not been put into production.”

“Production in the country is not in a good situation and is standing up with

Booster shots,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jamshid Ansari, Head of the Office of Recruitment, in an interview with state-run ILNA news agency regarding current expenditure of Rouhani’s government said: “All government agencies have surplus forces (employees) than their standard effectiveness and should be controlled.”

Moreover, Bijan Zangeneh, Iran regime’s oil minister, had said on Wednesday June 12, 2017 that the government needs only $200 million investment to develop and revitalize oil fields and these resources are not available internally.

However, one day earlier, Hassan Rouhani had said that the government has also financed the regime’s military presence in Iraq and Syria even under these circumstances.

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