Iran Protests

NCRI - The state-run Aftab-e Yazd daily, affiliated with the faction loyal to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, issued a post shedding important light on Iran’s economic conditions.

“There has never been an election in Iran where the candidates have not promised better living conditions,” the piece reads.

“Anyhow, due to weak management and structure, each year the per capita income significantly lowers and, despite the high oil revenue and other God-given resources, the people’s living conditions are not what they deserve… The World Bank has reported about the per capita income of other countries, showing Iran ranked 96th among 173 countries. Oman, with an $18,620 per capita income and Bahrain with a $17,730 per capita income, are ranked higher than our country. Iran’s per capita income stands at a mere $4,520 and its conditions are no different from war-torn countries, such as Syria.”

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