Iran Regime's Misuse of Nuclear Deal Money to Fuel Terrorism Across the Region

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NCRI - The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as the Nuclear Deal with Iran, took center stage at the United Nations General Assembly last week.

The Obama administration, US allies and the international community, believed that after benefits of the Nuclear Deal were in place, a ‘different' Iran would emerge as a responsible member of the global community, and that the Middle East would be the first region to enjoy this outcome.

Escalation of Iran Regime's Mercenaries, Fighting in Syria

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NCRI - Security officials in Afghanistan and Pakistan have revealed that the Iranian regime has increased the armed thugs needed by the regime to fight in Syria.

Reported sources in Islamabad, Pakistan, said the Iranian regime pays about $600 a month for foreigners, according to a November 22 television news agency Sky News Arabiya on September 22. There are concerns that these people will return to their countries facing a critical situation.

Iran Regime's Various Bands Terrified About the Fate of Nuclear Agreement

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NCRI - On October 15, president Trump will report to the Congress about how Iranian regime has complied with the nuclear agreement, JCPOA.

As the date approaches, worries of Iran regime’s different factions about the Fate of nuclear agreement rises.

U.N. Special Rapporteur Tells Iran Regime: Abolish Torture and Release Detainees

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NCRI - Asma Jahangir, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, was interviewed by Al Arabiya’s studios in the United Nations about the current situation in the country.

Iran: School Ordered Not to Register the Son of a Christian Pastor Prisoner

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NCRI - Pressure on the family of a Christian pastor in Iran has augmented. According to reports, the agents of the Iranian regime have even refused to register Pastor Youssef Naderkhani’s son at the school. This is while this new Christian, in addition to 10 years in prison, has also been sentenced to two years of exile to the city of Nikshahr in Sistan and Baluchistan province (south-east of Iran).

France 'Extremely Concerned' by Iran Ballistic Missile Test and Destabilizing Activity in the Region

France said on Saturday it was extremely concerned by Iran’s ballistic missile test and called on U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to carry out a full report on the launch. Reuters reported from New York.

“France asks that Iran cease all destabilizing activity in the region,” Foreign ministry spokeswoman Agnes Romatet-Espagne said in a statement. “(France) will consider with its partners, notably European, the means to obtain from Iran the cessation of its destabilizing ballistic activities.”

How Iran Regime Called the Shots on the Nuclear Deal

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NCRI - President Donald Trump is adamant that the 2015 nuclear deal negotiated by former President Obama is revised. This is making supporters of the deal worried and the media is picking up the false fears and reporting untruths in the press. It is now a consensus among many that the nuclear deal is preserved otherwise a crisis will unfold.

Vice-President of the European Parliament Strongly Condemns Appeasement Policies of E.P Towards Iran Regime

In a speech at the meeting of ‘the Friends of a Free Iran’ in European Parliament, on September 13, 2017. Mr Ryszard Czarneski Vice-President of the E.P once again reiterated his support for the Iranian resistance and its president elect Ms Maryam Rajavi, the following is the full text of his speech:

We Are Very Disappointed by Mrs Mogherini for Her Silence About the 1988 Massacre in Iran

MEP Gérard Deprez chair of the Frienes of a Free Iran ( FOFI) in European Parliament delivered the following speech concerning the critical violation of human rights in Iran in a meeting at Strasbourg on September 13, 2017.

Dear Colleagues, Thank you for coming to the meeting of Friends of a Free Iran in Strasbourg.

Iran: Attacking a Mixed Gender Party by Security Forces and Arrest of 30 Girls and Boys in Southeast Tehran

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NCRI - According to Iran regime state media on September 22, 30 girls and boys were arrested for participating in a mixed gender party in Southeastern region 38 kilometers from Tehran.

The state run 'Borna' press agency reported: that according to the commander of the revolutionary guards in the city of 'Varamin' on Wednesday night, security forces were informed about a party and after completing the supplementary information and getting the arrest warrant ,attacked the house.

Iran Workplace Incidents: Shadow of Death Over Iranian Workers

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NCRI - There’s not a single day in Iran on which the news of workplace deaths or injuries is missing. Regime’s incompetence and inaction in this regard has caused Iran to hold world record and first place in workplace incidents.

Pointing to the issue, Revolutionary Guards’ Fars news agency quotes one of regime officials as acknowledging “aside from its family consequences, the death of each worker causes 7,500 man-hours to go to waste. The annual hidden costs of such incidents amount to 30 thousand billion tomans, and the increasing trend of such costs is quite worrying.”

Iran: Several Security Agents Who Refused to Suppress Workers Were Arrested

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NCRI - The Iran regime has arrested some police officers as the protesting workers of Azarab Industry (A.I.C) of Arak (Center of Iran) reported. The police officers did not follow the order to beat the workers as they said, "We will not beat our countrymen with baton."

Condemnation of Iran Regime's Special Guard Attacks on Workers

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NCRI - On Thursday, 21 September 2017, the Iranian Free Union of Workers in a statement condemned the savage attack and raid of the Iranian regime’s Special Security Forces on the gatherings of the workers of Azarab and Hepco factories.


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