Iranian regime paving the way to announce over 70% voter turnout in election theatrics

Sham Elections – No. 4

Popular apathy and regime’s theatrics to portray a good turnout

Since several days ago, the antihuman clerical regime has been paving the way to announce a 70% voter turnout in the sham elections. On Thursday February 25, a day prior to the elections, the regime’s Minister of Interior told state TV: “Various opinion polls indicate a 65% to 70% turnout for tomorrow’s elections and we predict a 70% turnout.”

Election theatrics controlled by Revolutionary Guards and Bassij

Sham Elections – No. 2

Regime’s Interior Minister: 20 IRGC and security agents for each polling station

Regime’s power struggle among murderers and criminals, people ignore sham elections

Sham Elections – No. 1

The Iranian regime’s spectrum of leaders are pleading and calling on the people to actively participate in the sham elections for the parliament and the Assembly of Experts which are nothing but a rivalry and a power struggle between various murderers and perpetrators of crime against humanity.

Iran: Khamenei's ‘election’ fatwas reveals his fear of popular boycott

NCRI - As the Iranian regime’s sham election is being ignored and faces popular boycott, Ali Khamenei has resorted to issuing ridiculous fawas to at least get the regime’s discouraged forces to partake in the elections.

In a series of fatwas published by the state-run Fars New Agency, Ali Khamenei declared: “Participation in the elections is a religious, Islamic and divine duty” and an “obvious obligation”. He insists in his fatwas that casting blank votes is ‘haram’ (proscribed by Islamic law). Concerning women he stipulates that “husband’s consent is not needed to participate in the elections”. This is while according to fatwas by Khomeini, the founder of the regime, and other state clerics, a woman “should not leave home without the permission of her husband even if to see her relatives, pay a visit to her sick father, or to participate in her father’s funeral”.

Iran regime deploys 60,000 IRGC forces and foreign mercenaries in Syria

NCRI- The Iranian regime’s massive campaign of dispatching forces to Syria from the beginning of 2016 has now gained new dimensions and the number of Revolutionary Guards and their non-Iranian mercenaries have doubled, reaching 60,000 in total. This troop deployment crusade follows the failure of the Iranian regime’s so-called “Moharram” plan executed in the final 3 months of 2015. According to this blueprint the Iranian regime, in coordination with Russia, sought to defeat the Free Syrian Army, especially in Aleppo, and occupy the city while enjoying air cover under vicious airstrikes.

IRAN: Khomeini grandson disqualified, power struggle intensifies at top levels

NCRI - After two weeks of intense power struggle within the highest ranks of the Iranian regime, the Guardian Council conclusively rejected the competence of Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, for membership in the Assembly of Experts, a pillar of the regime founded by his grandfather based on Velyat-e faqih (absolute rule of clergy) to supposedly monitor the conduct of the supreme leader.

“His Ijtihad [an Islamic term meaning independent reasoning] fell short of the point to deduce some juridical issues and be able to recognize a vali-e faqih (supreme leader) that is competent to lead,” declared the Guardian Council, .state-run news agencies reported on Wednesday.

Iran: Rouhani in unison with Khamenei in support of IRGC atrocities in Syria and Iraq and backing of Assad

Hassan Rouhani: If revolutionary guards (IRGC) were not present in Iraq and Syria, we would have had no security and would not have reached the nuclear accord

Threatening regional countries Shamkhani noted that if we did not fight in Syria, then Tehran, Ahvaz and Hamadan would have been insecure

In paying homage to those involved in the nuclear negotiations on February 8, in an unprecedented admission Rouhani, the President of the religious fascism ruling Iran, said: “Had it not been for our armed forces who guarded the security of this country and if our valiant commanders were not steadfast in Baghdad, Samara, Fallujah and Ramadi…, had they not helped the Syrian government in Damascus and Aleppo, and were it not for the valor of the army, the IRGC, the Basij, and the Islamic Republic Security Forces, we would not have enjoyed the security that we needed to conduct such good negotiations.”

Iran news in brief

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