18 years later, mullahs' regime admits role of its agents in riot in holy Mecca

ImageStatementsFormer Majlis (Parliament) Speaker, Mehdi Karroubi, who is also a candidate in the sham presidential elections, admitted that the transfer of explosives to Saudi Arabia in 1986 and the 1987 Mecca riots, which left hundreds of pilgrims dead were carried out on the orders of the regime’s officials and agencies.

In his remarks at the Bou-Ali University of Hamedan, which were quoted by the state-run daily Sharq, on May 31, Karroubi said, “I was the representative of the Imam [Khomeini] in 1985.

Barbaric verdict to gouge out eyes of a 28-year-old man

ImageMullahs’ Supreme Court upholds barbaric verdict to gouge out eyes of a 28-year-old man.

Iranian Resistance urges world community to take urgent action to prevent this unprecedented crime
The state-controlled daily, Etemad, reported yesterday that the clerical regime’s Supreme Court had upheld the verdict by branch 1008 of Tehran’s Criminal Court to gouge out both eyes of a young man, named Vahid.

Ahwaz bombings falsely blamed on the Mojahedin

ImageReacting to widespread election boycott, the mullahs’ falsely attribute the recent bombings to the Mojahedin

In response to widespread boycott of the election farce upon a call by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), in their media, the mullahs’ ruling Iran are blaming the PMOI for the recent bombing, falsely attributing them to the organization.

Clerical regime threatens Resistance's supporters with death

ImageStatementsEmboldened by the report against the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI) by the U.S.-based Human Rights Watch, the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) has stepped up its threats against the Iranian Resistance’s sympathizers and activists in and out of Iran.

The new wave of intimidation and efforts to set the stage for terrorist activities abroad is overseen by MOIS deputy Mohammad Reza Irvani, who has been responsible for assassination of dissidents abroad and the chain murders in Iran.

1,000 candidates for Presidential election were deiqualified

Disqualifying 1,000 candidates for Presidential election sham demonstrates clerical regime’s illegitimacy and lack of future

The mullahs’ Guardian Council disqualified more than 1,000 candidates for the upcoming presidential election sham, approving only six as being eligible to run

Iranian Resistance welcomes recalling of Canadian ambassador from Tehran

Iranian Resistance welcomes recalling of Canadian ambassador from Tehran and calls for firm international measures against widespread human rights violations in Iran

Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, chairman of the NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee welcomed the decision by Mr. Bill Graham, the Foreign Minister of Canada, to recall Canada’s ambassador from Iran in protest to the Iranian regime’s refusal to allow representatives of the Canadian government to attend a show trial on Zahra Kazemi’s murder case.

Statement by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance

Image U.S. and Iraqi officials have reiterated that the Iranian regime’s meddling in Iraq has undermined peace and stability in that country. Tehran’s efforts to acquire nuclear weapons have also aroused alarm in the world community. There are reports on the role of Tehran in the September 11 tragedy and international human rights organizations have pointed to the deterioration of human rights in Iran and the rise in public executions. A worldwide consensus has emerged on the need for a regime change in Iran.

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