Chairmanship of Rafsanjani in Assembly of Experts signals era of demise for mullahs' regime

Chairmanship of Rafsanjani in Assembly of Experts signals era of demise for mullahs' regimeNCRI - The President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, described Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani's chairmanship in the Assembly of Experts as representative of the era of demise for the ruling religious fascism in Iran. Since Rafsanjani does not differ with other regime officials, such as the mullahs' Supreme Leader Khamenei and their president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on fundamental policies like domestic suppression, the atomic weapons program, domination of Iraq, and the export of terror and fundamentalism abroad, conflicts among the various factions in the Assembly of Experts signals the dispersion and divergence that is characteristic of the final phase of the regime.

Iran: SSF kills three, provokes public anger in Kurdistan

NCRI - The State Security Forces (SSF) opened fire on a car at the entry point to the city of Baneh in the Iranian Kurdistan on Sunday, killing three and wounding another one seriously.

Outraged by the heinous crime, the local residents took to the streets in protest and clashed with the suppressive forces.

Uprising in Tehran denounces Iranian regime's fuel rationing

Last night, and shortly after the Iranian regime announced the start of a fuel rationing program, residents in Tehran, Khuzestan, Gorgan, Azerbaijan, and elsewhere took to the streets in protest.  Protesters set ablaze gas stations, government vehicles, and chanted antigovernment slogans.  Video footages smuggled out of Iran document the protests and slogans such as, "artillery, tanks, and fireworks may come to bear but Ahmadinejad must be killed."  The protests continued for hours after midnight.

In response, the state security forces, revolutionary guards, and intelligence agents attacked the demonstrators, injuring a few while arresting many others.

Iran: Protesters set ablaze 50 gas stations

In protests against the Iranian regime, people in Tehran set ablaze many security forces vehicles, and government buildings, and at least 50 gas stations

Additional demonstrations in Isfahan, Mazandaran, Golestan, as well as East and West Azarbaijan Provinces

According to the latest reports, during last night's demonstrations in Iran, and the ensuing conflicts with the Iranian regime's security forces, the Iranian people and youths set ablaze many government building, security forces' vehicles, and as many as 50 gas stations at various locations in Tehran.

Iran: thousands of teachers gathered outside Majlis were beaten by suppressive forces

NCRI - Yesterday, thousands of teachers from various cities filled the surrounding streets to the mullahs' Majlis (parliament) shouting anti-government slogans. 

Despite heavy security measures by the State Security Forces (SSF), the protest took place. From 6 a.m. thousands of SSF, security agents, plain-clothes agents, and Bassij Force's club wielders riding cars or on foot imposed an undeclared state of emergency around Majlis. Dozens of busses and vans were waiting outside the building to take away the detainees.

Hundreds of thousands of workers jammed the nearby streets to Amjadieh Stadium to mark May Day

Workers from all over the country turned the anniversary into protest against the Iranian regime

NCRI - Yesterday, on the anniversary of May Day, hundreds of thousands of Iranian workers filled up the nearby streets to Amjadieh Stadium. They were protesting the anti-labor policies of the mullahs' regime. Workers from other parts of the country such as Mashhad, Saveh, Borujerd, Neishabor, and Zanjan joined their fellow labors in the capital.

Iran: More suppressive measure in the run up to May Day celebrations

Today, the Deputy Interior Minister for Political and Security Affairs, Brig. Gen. Mohammad Baqer Zolqader warned workers, students, teachers, and youths against participating in May Day celebrations.  His comments come at the time when workers and teachers with the support from the rest of Iranian people are preparing for a major turnout tomorrow.

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